2012 Bowman Sterling

Insert Sets (54)

  Black Collection Autographs

Bowman released the 176-card Black Collection Autographs across their five major 2012 baseball sets, as follows: 26 cards were released in Bowman Platinum inserted at 1:716 Hobby packs; 25 cards were released in each of the others, inserted at 1:4,200 Hobby packs in Bowman; 1:2,080 Hobby packs in Bowman Chrome; 1:2,850 Hobby packs in Bowman Draft Picks; and 1:105 Hobby packs in Bowman Sterling.

  Box Topper Triple Autographs
  Dual Autographs Black Refractors
  Dual Autographs Gold Canary Diamond Refractors
  Dual Autographs Gold Refractors
  Dual Autographs Printing Plates Black
  Dual Autographs Printing Plates Cyan
  Dual Autographs Printing Plates Magenta
  Dual Autographs Printing Plates Yellow
  Dual Autographs Purple Refractors
  Dual Autographs Red Refractors
  Dual Autographs Refractors
  Dual Autographs Superfractors
  Next In Line
  Next In Line Autographs
  Nickname Autographs
  Prospect Autographs
  Prospect Autographs Black Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Gold Canary Diamond Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Gold Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Japan Fractors
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Black
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Cyan
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Magenta
  Prospect Autographs Printing Plates Yellow
  Prospect Autographs Purple Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Red Refractors
  Prospect Autographs Refractors
  Prospects Black Refractors
  Prospects Gold Canary Diamond Refractors
  Prospects Gold Refractors
  Prospects Printing Plates Black
  Prospects Printing Plates Cyan
  Prospects Printing Plates Magenta
  Prospects Printing Plates Yellow
  Prospects Purple Refractors
  Prospects Red Refractors
  Prospects Refractors
  Prospects Superfractors
  Rookie Autographs
  Rookie Autographs Black Refractors
  Rookie Autographs Gold Canary Diamond Refractors
  Rookie Autographs Gold Refractors
  Rookie Autographs Printing Plates Black
  Rookie Autographs Printing Plates Cyan
  Rookie Autographs Printing Plates Magenta
  Rookie Autographs Printing Plates Yellow
  Rookie Autographs Purple Refractors
  Rookie Autographs Red Refractors
  Rookie Autographs Refractors
  Rookie Autographs Superfractors
  Showcase Autographs
  Sterling Silver

Parallel Sets (11)

  Black Refractors
  Gold Canary Diamond Refractors
  Gold Refractors
  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow
  Purple Refractors
  Red Refractors


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