2007 Bowman

Insert Sets (11)

  Draft Day Selections Relics

Insertion odds for DJ-BQ, DJ-CJ, DJ-GA: 1:291 Hobby; DJ-AP, DJ-JR: 1:345; all DC-: 1:3,650; all DJC-: 1:16,416.

  Fabric of the Future
  Fabric of the Future Dual
  Fabric of the Future Dual Gold
  Fabric of the Future Gold
  Rookie Autographs
  Rookie Coaches Autographs
  Signs of the Future

Insertion odds, Hobby packs only: Cards SF-CL, SF-DT, SF-JF, SF-JH, SF-KD, SF-KS, SF-MM, SF-RR, SF-SB, SF-ZT: 1:60 packs; Cards SF-AA, SF-DW, SF-DWA, SF-GW, SF-JHA, SF-JP, SF-JR, SF-LG, SF-PW, SF-TP: 1:97 packs; Cards SF-LT, SF-RH, SF-ZM: 1:273 packs; Cards SF-CD, SF-CT, SF-LB, SF-LR, SF-TE: 1:327 packs; Card SF-RM: 1:916 packs; Cards SF-BQ, SF-ML: 1:2,753 packs; Card SF-AG: 1:3,300 packs.

  Signs of the Future Dual
  Signs of the Future Dual Gold
  Signs of the Future Gold

Parallel Sets (8)


55 pt cardstock

  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow


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