1992-93 Parkhurst

Total Cards: 510

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1992-93 Parkhurst

Insert Sets (4)

  Cherry Picks

#CP1-20 issued in Series Two packs. #CP1993 issued in Stanley Cup Update Sets.

  Don Cherry Autographs
  Don Cherry Redemption

Issued in Series Two Jumbo packs. Four cards could be redeemed for a Don Cherry "Cherry Picks" commemorative sheet.

  Parkie Reprints

#PR-1 through #PR-8 and CL1 issued in Series One foil packs. #PR-9 through #PR-16 and CL2 issued in Series One Jumbo packs. #PR-17 through #PR-24 and CL3 issued in Series Two foil packs. #PR-25 through #PR-32 and CL4 issued in Series Two Jumbo packs. The Don Cherry Parkie 101 was only issued in Canadian cases and is not considered part of a complete set.

Mail-In Sets (1)

  Don Cherry "Cherry Picks" Commemorative Sheet

Received in exchange for four Don Cherry redemption cards

Parallel Sets (1)

  Emerald Ice

Inserted one per pack and two per Jumbo pack. Cards have green foil accents on front; logos and/or names. Cards were issued as Series 1 (#1-240), Series 2 (#241-480) and Stanley Cup Update Set (#481-510).

Promo Sets (5)

  '92-'93 Playoff Hockey Action Sheet

Serial numbered sheet distributed one per case of Stanley Cup Update.

  Canadian Arena Tour Sheets
  Commemorative Sheets

Sheets serial numbered and distributed one per case of Series 1 and Series 2.

  Commemorative Sheets Promos
  Parkie Reprints Promos

Identical to Parkie Reprint Series 3 and 4 except for PROMO diagonal across the back.


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