2007 Topps

Total Cards: 440

Rating: 6.7 (28 votes)
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  • Release Date: Jul 31, 2007

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2007 Topps


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Insert Sets (47)

  All-Pro Relics
  All-Pro Relics In the Name Patches
  All-Pro Relics Patch
  All-Pro Team
  Brett Favre Collection

Inserted 1:6 Hobby Packs

  Brett Favre Collection Autographs
  Checklists Hobby
  Checklists HTA
  Chicago Bears

Exclusively found in factory sets with Chicago Bears themed boxes

  Exclusive Rookies
  Exclusive Rookies Autographs
  Exclusive Rookies Jerseys
  Game Breakers Super Bowl Pylons
  Generation Now

Inserted 1:4 Hobby Packs

  Generation Now Autographs
  Hall of Fame Autographs
  Hall of Fame Class of 2007

Inserted 1:12 Hobby Packs

  Hobby Masters

Inserted 1:9 Hobby Packs

  Indianapolis Colts

Exclusively found in factory sets with Indianapolis Colts themed boxes

  League Leaders Relics

Inserted 1:1,172 Hobby, 1:1,525 Retail, except cards LLR-LJ, LLR-LJ2, LLR-LT, LLR-LT2, LLR-PM, LLR-PM2: 1:4,300 H, 1:5,700 R.

  LT Touchdown Tribute

Target stores exclusive

  New York Jets

Exclusively found in factory sets with New York Jets themed boxes

  Own the Game

Inserted 1:9 Hobby Packs

  Performance Highlights Autographs

Insertion odds, per Hobby and Retail pack: Cards THA-AP1, THA-BL, THA-DT, THA-IS, THA-JH, THA-JP, THA-JZ, THA-LG, THA-LN, THA-RR, THA-SY, THA-TP: 1:849 H, 1:2,500 R; Cards THA-DB1, THA-DJ, THA-DS, THA-KI, THA-KK, THA-MB, THA-RM, THA-SR, THA-SS, THA-TG, THA-TH, THA-TS: 1:3,381 H, 1:5,500 R; Cards THA-BJ, THA-TE: 1:2,500 H, 1:5,500 R; Cards THA-CJ2, THA-FG, THA-LJ, THA-ML1, THA-ML2, THA-SJ, THA-SM, THA-WP: 1:40,000 H, 1:20,000 R; Cards THA-AP2, THA-BQ, THA-CJ1, THA-DB2, THA-JR, THA-LT, THA-RB, THA-TB, THA-VY: 1:50,000 H, 1:40,000 R; Card THA-AJ: not reported.

  Red Hot Rookies
  Red Hot Rookies Autographs
  Red Hot Rookies Jerseys
  Ring of Honor Autograph: Peyton Manning
  Ring of Honor: Peyton Manning
  Rookie Fantasy Challenge
  Rookie Jerseys

Target Factory Set Exclusive

  Rookie Premiere Autographs
  Rookie Premiere Autographs Duals
  Rookie Premiere Autographs Duals Red Ink
  Rookie Premiere Autographs Quads
  Rookie Premiere Autographs Quads Red Ink
  Rookie Premiere Autographs Red Ink

Factory set insert

  Running Back Royalty

Inserted 1:12 Hobby Packs

  Running Back Royalty Autographs
  Running Back Royalty Autographs Dual
  San Diego Chargers

Exclusively found in factory sets with San Diego Chargers themed boxes

  Signature Series


  Stat Breakers Super Bowl Footballs
  Super Bowl XLII

Exclusively found in factory sets with Super Bowl themed boxes

Parallel Sets (4)


Inserted 1:7 Hobby Packs

  First Edition

Inserted 1:36 Hobby Packs


Inserted 1:76 Hobby Packs


Promo Sets (1)

  Turn Back the Clock


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