2005 Topps All American


  ES5   Elvis Presley
  ES5C   Elvis Presley
Shirt Chr

Insert Sets (14)


Insertion odds, Hobby and Retail packs: Cards A-CCE, A-EM, A-JC, A-JDC: 1:57 H, 1:64 R; Cards A-AK, A-BJ, A-BVP, A-CW, A-DD, A-DW, A-EMA, A-GP, A-HLD, A-JJ, A-JR, A-MR, A-RJ, A-SB, A-TF, A-TFR, A-TK, A-TYD, A-WD: 1:71 H, 1:72 R; Cards A-AD, A-BM, A-CH, A-JMA, A-JMU, A-KE: 1:82 H, 1:122 R; Cards A-AC, A-AP, A-AW, A-CE, A-CL, A-CS, A-DFO, A-GT, A-JNO, A-JP, A-KB, A-LW, A-ML, A-MM, A-MMO, A-RG, A-RM, A-TM: 1:99 H, 1:280 R; Cards A-DC, A-MO, A-WP: 1:574 H, 1:593 R; Cards A-DF, A-EC, A-ED, A-JS, A-KW, A-LT, A-PH, A-RL, A-TH: 1:642 H, 1:3,917 R; Cards A-AG, A-BG, A-BL, A-BMA, A-BS, A-BSI, A-CC, A-CWA, A-DA, A-DB, A-DH, A-FB, A-HW, A-IR, A-JG, A-JMC, A-MRO, A-MS, A-RW, A-SS: 1:1,115 H, 1:1,305 R; Cards A-GS, A-JB, A-JE, A-JM, A-JN, A-MA, A-RS, A-TA, A-TD: 1:2,000 H, 1:6,024 R; Card A-ON: 1:2,231 H, 1:1,958 R; Card A-BOJ: 1:5,800 H, 1:9,792 R; Card A-BSA: 1:58,000 H/R

  Autographs Chrome Refractors
  Autographs Chrome SuperFractors
  Autographs Printing Plate Black
  Autographs Printing Plate Cyan
  Autographs Printing Plate Magenta
  Autographs Printing Plate Yellow
  Chrome Refractor
  Chrome Xfractor
  College Co-Signers
  Gold Chrome
  Gold Chrome Refractor


  Gold Chrome Xfractor

Parallel Sets (4)

  Printing Plate Black
  Printing Plate Cyan
  Printing Plate Magenta
  Printing Plate Yellow


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