2020-21 SP Signature Edition Legends

Total Cards: 451

Rating: TBA
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  • Release Date: Mar 31, 2023

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2020-21 SP Signature Edition Legends

Insert Sets (25)

  1997 Ultimate Legends The Alumni Signatures

Inserted 1:43 packs

  Acetate All-Time Future Watch

Unannounced Insert

  Behind the Boards


  Behind the Boards Gold Foil


  Behind the Boards Silver Spectrum Foil Autographs


  Century Legends Signatures


  Century Legends Signatures Dual


  Century Legends Signatures Quad


  Century Legends Signatures Triple




  Decagons Gold Autographs


  Dominant Digits


  Dominant Digits Gold Foil

#'ed to Jersey Number

  Dominant Digits Gold Foil Autographs




  Evolve Gold Foil


  Evolve Silver Spectrum Foil Autographs


  Life After Hockey


  Life After Hockey Gold Foil


  Life After Hockey Silver Spectrum Foil Autographs



Tier One 1:18, Two 1:36, Three 1:90, Four 1:360

  UD Canvas Legends


  UD Canvas Legends Autographs


  Update - 2017 Maple Leafs Centennial

Update Cards from 2017 Maple Leafs Centennial

  Update - 2019 Chronology V2

Update Cards from 2019 Chronology V2

Mail-In Sets (4)

  Profiles Achievement

Collectors who acquire a complete 48-card Profiles set and elect to redeem it will receive the Profiles Achievement card #P-49 featuring Gordie Howe®.

  Profiles Black Auto Achievements

The first 24 collectors who acquire Profiles Achievement card #P-49 and elect to redeem it will receive the one randomly awarded Profiles Black Auto Parallel Achievement card.

  Profiles Gold Achievements

/49 - 1st 49 Bounty Awards Receive One Complete Set

  Silver Script

Collect and combine 5 copies of any individual SP Signature Edition Legends Hockey Base Set or Base Set - SP card on Upper Deck e-Pack® to receive an e-Pack exclusive Base Set - Silver Script Parallel of that card with the ability to have the physical card mailed to you.

Parallel Sets (3)



  Gold Foil

1:7 Base, 1:42 SPs

  Gold Spectrum Foil Autographs

1:25 Base, 1:250 SPs


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