2004 Topps Cracker Jack


  NNO   Alex Rodriguez   New York Yankees
  VB   Vintage Buyback  

Insert Sets (6)

  1-2-3 Strikes You're Out Relics

Insertion odds, per Hobby and Retail pack: Cards SO-BW, SO-BZ, SO-DL, SO-HN, SO-JB, SO-KB, SO-PM, SO-RH, SO-RJ: 1:103 H, 1:109 R; Cards SO-JS, SO-KM, SO-MAM: 1:157 H, 1:191 R; Cards SO-BM, SO-CCS, SO-EG, SO-KW: 1:177 H, 1:202 R; Cards SO-CS, SO-MM: 1:5,045 H, 1:5,310 R.

  Mini Autographs
  Secret Surprise Signatures

Insertion odds, per Hobby and Retail pack: Cards CJA-FP, CJA-ML, CJA-SR: 1:323 H, 1:368 R; Cards CJA-BG, CJA-SP: 1:372 H, 1:404 R; Cards CJA-AH, CJA-CF, CJA-DM, CJA-MV: 1:451 H, 1:524 R; Cards CJA-DW, CJA-JW: 1:1,448 H, 1:1,657 R.

  Take Me Out to the Ballgame Relics

Insertion odds Hobby and Retail packs: Cards TB-BB2, TB-CJ, TB-LB2, TB-MT, TB-TH: 1:89 H, 1:93 R; Cards TB-BA, TB-CB, TB-JB, TB-JE, TB-JL, TB-JRO, TB-MG, TB-PB, TB-SS2: 1:99 H, 1:125 R; Cards TB-AB, TB-JT, TB-MCT, TB-TG: 1:126 H, 1:154 R; Cards TB-IR, TB-JR, TB-MY, TB-PL, TB-SG, TB-SS, TB-VW: 1:131 H, 1:223 R; Cards TB-LW, TB-MA, TB-RL: 1:149 H, 1:189 R; Cards TB-AD, TB-AP2, TB-AR2, TB-BBI, TB-HB, TB-JGA, TB-MR, TB-SG2: 1:152 H, 1:194 R; Cards TB-AR, TB-MC, TB-RB: 1:190 H, 1:226 R; Cards TB-EC, TB-JGH, TB-LB, TB-MP: 1:201 H, 1:264 R; Cards: TB-AP, TB-AS, TB-KW: 1:211 H, 1:297 R; Cards TB-GA, TB-LG, TB-NG, TB-TKH: 1:645 H/R; Cards TB-AS2, TB-JL2, TB-MS, TB-NG2: 1:654 H, 1:765 R

  Topps Legends Autographs

Parallel Sets (4)

  Mini Blue
  Mini Stickers
  Mini White


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