Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I submit a replacement image for a card?
    • If it's an image you've submitted, you can go to the card's page, turn editing on, then you'll see links appear under the card where you can submit replacement images.

      If it's an image someone else has submitted, you must have Level 7 permissions in order to replace it on your own.

      For images that are low resolution, watermarked, severely crooked, photographed, overly cropped, or altered, please use the inaccuracies reporting link to report it so that it can be removed altogether. If the image just needs to be slightly cropped or rotated, this can be achieved with the tools that show up under the card once the editing is turned on.

      If the wrong image has been posted, please report it using the inaccuracies reporting link so that it can be moved to the proper place rather than replacing it. Once the image has been moved, you'll receive a message letting you know that it's been moved and you can submit the correct image.



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