Frequently Asked Questions

  • The card says "Rookie" on it, but it's not denoted with "RC" in the database. Why?

    Sometimes a card manufacturer will print "Rookie" on a card, but it's not the player's actual rookie card (RC) as they may have already been featured in a previous year's release. See David Robinson example below.

    1990-91 Hoops David Robinson
    (Not his RC)

    1989-90 Hoops David Robinson RC
    (Actual RC)

    Beware of this phenomenon when purchasing cards. Just because the card says "Rookie", it doesn't mean that it's the player's actual rookie card and therefore may be worth considerably less.

    It's also possible that the "RC" was left off in the database as an oversight. In that case, use the Inaccuracies Reporting box to let us know.

    Conversely, a card in the database may be denoted with an RC even though the player may have been in the league a few years and it's not actually their rookie season. In this case, it may be the player's first major release card, so it's considered their rookie card (RC).



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