Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it ok to add entries for postcards?
  • Postcards are defined as a type of card that has a designated area for a stamp, mailing address, and note to be written; a card that can be mailed via a postal service from one address to another without an outer envelope.

    To be eligible for inclusion, the following requirements must be met:

    • There must be a complete set of more than one different card with the same front design ("front design" here means the design elements of the postcards - border, font/text, etc.).
    • The multiple postcards in a set must clearly be from the same set. This means clearly issued by the same company, at the same time (or along the same time span) with the same design elements from one to the next.
    • Post-war era (1950 and onward) postcards should meet both of the above criteria, and also be marketed as a collectible set rather than solely as a mailing instrument.



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