Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a particular card in the database?
  • There are a few different ways to find cards in the database. Let's say you were trying to find 1990 Topps #10 Barry Larkin. One method is to browse for it. Each page on the site has a Browse menu at the top. Each page also has a Browse section along the bottom. So in our example, we would click on Baseball as we're looking for a baseball card. Then we are given the option to browse by Sets, Names, or Teams. Under Set, we would see all of the different years listed, and could select 1990, then we'd see all of the sets for 1990 and could choose 1990 Topps. Under Names, we could select "L" for Larkin and find Barry Larkin listed amongst all of the names at which point we would arrive at all of his cards, including 1990 Topps. Under Teams, we could select Cincinnati Reds since that's the team he played for and then select 1990 and find it that way as well.

    Alternately, we could use the Search box at the top of the page. The site is searchable by Set, Name, Team, and Year and for faster and more definite results, it's best to change the dropdown box from "All" to the category desired. So we could do a search for "Baseball" and "1990 Topps" and arrive at the 1990 Topps set page, or we could search for "Baseball" and "Barry Larkin" and arrive at the Barry Larkin page, or we could search for "Baseball" and "Cincinnati Reds" and arrive at the Cincinnati Reds page, or we could search for "Baseball" and "1990" and arrive at the page with all of the sets for 1990 and pull up 1990 Topps that way.



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