2010 Topps Heritage

Errors / Variations

53 record(s)

  1a   Albert Pujols   BASE:
  1b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Dice Back
  1c   Albert Pujols   VAR: Black nameplate on front
  2a   Joe Mauer   BASE:
  2b   Joe Mauer   VAR: Dice Back
  2c   Joe Mauer   VAR: All Black Nameplate
  15a   Grady Sizemore   BASE:
  15b   Grady Sizemore   VAR: Dice Back
  15c   Grady Sizemore   VAR: Red-Green Nameplate
  19a   Alex Rodriguez   BASE:
  19b   Alex Rodriguez   VAR: Dice Back
  23a   Matt Kemp   BASE:
  23b   Matt Kemp   VAR: Dice Back
  55a   Pablo Sandoval   BASE:
  55b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: Yellow-Green Nameplate
  56a   Jake Peavy   BASE:
  56b   Mickey Mantle   VAR: Legend
  60b   Babe Ruth   VAR: Legend
  61b   Roger Maris   VAR: Legend
  77a   J.A. Happ   BASE:
  77b   J.A. Happ   VAR: Orange-Blue Nameplate
  82a   Justin Upton   BASE:
  82b   Justin Upton   VAR: Dice Back
  92a   Mark Teixeira   BASE:
  92b   Mark Teixeira   VAR: Dice Back
  94a   Zack Greinke   BASE:
  94b   Zack Greinke   VAR: Yellow-Blue Nameplate
  120a   Chipper Jones   BASE:
  120b   Chipper Jones   VAR: Dice Back
  179a   Chase Utley   BASE:
  179b   Chase Utley   VAR: Dice Back
  182a   Adam Jones   BASE:
  182b   Adam Jones   VAR: Dice Back
  193a   Daisuke Matsuzaka   BASE:
  193b   Daisuke Matsuzaka   VAR: Dice Back
  215a   Derek Jeter   BASE:
  215b   Derek Jeter   VAR: Dice Back
  215c   Derek Jeter   VAR: Red-Yellow Nameplate
  233a   Ian Kinsler   BASE:
  233b   Ian Kinsler   VAR: Dice Back
  244a   Ichiro Suzuki   BASE:
  244b   Ichiro Suzuki   VAR: Dice Back
  300a   Hanley Ramirez   BASE:
  300b   Hanley Ramirez   VAR: Dice Back
  360b   Vladimir Guerrero   VAR: Dice Back
  366a   CC Sabathia   BASE:
  366b   CC Sabathia   VAR: Green-Yellow Nameplate
  371b   Victor Martinez   VAR: Dice Back
  393b   Ryan Braun   VAR: Blue-Orange Nameplate
  427b   David Wright   VAR: Green-Yellow Nameplate
  429a   Tim Lincecum   BASE:
  429b   Tim Lincecum   VAR: Dice Back
  463b   Atlanta Braves   VAR: Team Card


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