2014 Topps

Errors / Variations

221 record(s)

  1a   Jeremy Kerley   BASE: Jeremy Kerley
  1b   Drew Brees   VAR: Drew Brees
  2a   T.Y. Hilton   BASE: T.Y. Hilton
  2b   Victor Cruz   VAR: Victor Cruz
  3a   Brandon Carr   BASE: Brandon Carr
  3b   Rob Gronkowski   VAR: Rob Gronkowski
  4a   Kyle Rudolph   BASE: Kyle Rudolph
  4b   Peyton Manning   VAR: Peyton Manning
  5a   Matthew Stafford   BASE: Matthew Stafford
  5b   DeSean Jackson   VAR: DeSean Jackson
  6a   New England Patriots   BASE: Patriots Team Leaders
  6b   Alshon Jeffery   VAR: Alshon Jeffery
  7a   Jordy Nelson   BASE: Jordy Nelson
  7b   Demaryius Thomas   VAR: Demaryius Thomas
  8a   Ryan Broyles   BASE: Ryan Broyles
  8b   Matthew Stafford   VAR: Matthew Stafford
  9a   Julius Thomas   BASE: White uniform
  9b   Julius Thomas   VAR: Blue uniform
  10a   Coby Fleener   BASE: Coby Fleener
  10b   Tony Romo   VAR: Tony Romo
  11a   A.J. Green   BASE: A.J. Green
  11b   Kiko Alonso   VAR: Kiko Alonso
  12a   Emmanuel Sanders   BASE: Emmanuel Sanders
  12b   Jay Cutler   VAR: Jay Cutler
  13a   Sean Lee   BASE: Sean Lee
  13b   Ray Rice   VAR: Ray Rice
  14a   Zach Ertz   BASE: Zach Ertz
  14b   Kenny Stills   VAR: Kenny Stills
  15a   Mohamed Sanu   BASE: Mohamed Sanu
  15b   Andre Johnson   VAR: Andre Johnson
  16a   Kenny Vaccaro   BASE: Kenny Vaccaro
  16b   Nick Foles   VAR: Nick Foles
  17a   DeSean Jackson   BASE: DeSean Jackson
  17b   Colin Kaepernick   VAR: Colin Kaepernick
  18a   Antoine Bethea   BASE: Antoine Bethea
  18b   Zac Stacy   VAR: Zac Stacy
  19a   Ace Sanders   BASE: Ace Sanders
  19b   Giovani Bernard   VAR: Giovani Bernard
  20a   Cameron Jordan   BASE: Cameron Jordan
  20b   Ben Roethlisberger   VAR: Ben Roethlisberger
  21a   Nick Foles   BASE: Nick Foles
  21b   Philip Rivers   VAR: Philip Rivers
  22a   Victor Cruz   BASE: Victor Cruz
  22b   Richard Sherman   VAR: Richard Sherman
  23a   Captain Munnerlyn   BASE: Captain Munnerlyn
  23b   EJ Manuel   VAR: EJ Manuel
  24a   Charles Tillman   BASE: Charles Tillman
  24b   T.Y. Hilton   VAR: T.Y. Hilton
  25a   James Jones   BASE: James Jones
  25b   Matt Ryan   VAR: Matt Ryan
  26a   Brandon Pettigrew   BASE: Brandon Pettigrew
  26b   Tamba Hali   VAR: Tamba Hali
  27a   Matt Ryan   BASE: Matt Ryan
  27b   Robert Quinn   VAR: Robert Quinn
  28a   Santonio Holmes   BASE: Santonio Holmes
  28b   Vernon Davis   VAR: Vernon Davis
  29a   Sheldon Richardson   BASE: Sheldon Richardson
  29b   Ryan Mathews   VAR: Ryan Mathews
  30a   Maurice Jones-Drew   BASE: Maurice Jones-Drew
  30b   Cam Newton   VAR: Cam Newton
  31a   Jay Cutler   BASE: Jay Cutler
  31b   Antonio Brown   VAR: Antonio Brown
  32a   Russell Wilson   BASE: Russell Wilson
  32b   Adrian Peterson   VAR: Adrian Peterson
  33a   Peyton Manning   BASE: Peyton Manning
  33b   J.J. Watt   VAR: J.J. Watt
  34a   Frank Gore   BASE: Frank Gore
  34b   LeSean McCoy   VAR: LeSean McCoy
  35a   Johnny Hekker   BASE: Johnny Hekker
  35b   NaVorro Bowman   VAR: NaVorro Bowman
  36a   Cordarrelle Patterson   BASE: Cordarrelle Patterson
  36b   Ndamukong Suh   VAR: Ndamukong Suh
  37a   Peyton Manning   BASE: Peyton Manning
  37b   Tom Brady   VAR: Tom Brady
  38a   Kansas City Chiefs   BASE: Chiefs Team Leaders
  38b   Andrew Luck   VAR: Andrew Luck
  39a   Pittsburgh Steelers   BASE: Steelers Team Leaders
  39b   Josh Gordon   VAR: Josh Gordon
  40a   Calais Campbell   BASE: Calais Campbell
  40b   Luke Kuechly   VAR: Luke Kuechly
  41a   Tyrann Mathieu   BASE: Tyrann Mathieu
  41b   Jimmy Graham   VAR: Jimmy Graham
  42a   Steven Jackson   BASE: Steven Jackson
  42b   Calvin Johnson   VAR: Calvin Johnson
  43a   Jimmy Smith   BASE: Jimmy Smith
  43b   Jason Witten   VAR: Jason Witten
  44a   EJ Manuel   BASE: EJ Manuel
  44b   Andy Dalton   VAR: Andy Dalton
  45a   Cam Newton   BASE: Cam Newton
  45b   Patrick Willis   VAR: Patrick Willis
  46a   Domata Peko   BASE: Domata Peko
  46b   Eddie Lacy   VAR: Eddie Lacy
  47a   DeMarco Murray   BASE: DeMarco Murray
  47b   Dez Bryant   VAR: Dez Bryant
  48a   Dez Bryant   BASE: Dez Bryant
  48b   Alfred Morris   VAR: Alfred Morris
  49a   Jason Witten   BASE: Jason Witten
  49b   Keenan Allen   VAR: Keenan Allen
  50a   A.J. Hawk   BASE: A.J. Hawk
  50b   Le'Veon Bell   VAR: Le'Veon Bell



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