2014 Topps Opening Day

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  • Release Date: Mar 19, 2014

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2014 Topps Opening Day

Errors / Variations

50 record(s)

  1a   Mike Trout   BASE: Sliding
  1b   Mike Trout   VAR: With glove
  2a   Dustin Pedroia   BASE: White jersey
  2b   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Red jersey
  7a   Jacoby Ellsbury   BASE: Gray jersey
  7b   Jacoby Ellsbury   VAR: Press conference
  19a   Koji Uehara   BASE: Pitching
  19b   Koji Uehara   VAR: Wearing flag
  42a   Mariano Rivera   BASE: Horizontal, running onto field
  42b   Mariano Rivera   VAR: Vertical, tipping cap
  50a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Vertical
  50b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Horizontal
  51a   David Ortiz   BASE: Batting
  51b   David Ortiz   VAR: World Series trophy
  72a   Jose Fernandez   BASE: Pitching
  72b   Jose Fernandez   VAR: With dinosaur
  79a   Nick Castellanos   BASE: On field
  79b   Nick Castellanos   VAR: In dugout
  80a   Justin Verlander   BASE: Ball not in hand
  80b   Justin Verlander   VAR: Ball in hand
  100a   Miguel Cabrera   BASE: Arms up, horizontal
  100b   Miguel Cabrera   VAR: In dugout; vertical
  103a   Adam Jones   BASE: Batting
  103b   Adam Jones   VAR: Running through crowd
  132a   Prince Fielder   BASE: Running
  132b   Prince Fielder   VAR: Press conference
  140a   Brian McCann   BASE: In game
  140b   Brian McCann   VAR: Press conference
  141a   Kolten Wong   BASE: Fielding
  141b   Kolten Wong   VAR: Celebrating
  143a   Taijuan Walker   BASE: Ball showing
  143b   Taijuan Walker   VAR: Ball not showing
  148a   Yu Darvish   BASE: Pitching
  148b   Yu Darvish   VAR: With bat
  150a   Buster Posey   BASE: Batting
  150b   Buster Posey   VAR: Fielding
  170a   Billy Hamilton   BASE: Horizontal
  170b   Billy Hamilton   VAR: Vertical
  178a   Xander Bogaerts   BASE: Fielding
  178b   Xander Bogaerts   VAR: Sliding
  190a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE: Batting
  190b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Fielding
  195a   Robinson Cano   BASE: Batting
  195b   Robinson Cano   VAR: Press conference
  200a   Bryce Harper   BASE: Batting
  200b   Bryce Harper   VAR: With teammate (Ryan Zimmerman)
  219a   Yasiel Puig   BASE: Running
  219b   Yasiel Puig   VAR: Throwing
  220a   Derek Jeter   BASE: Running
  220b   Derek Jeter   VAR: Pointing


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