2013 Topps Opening Day

Errors / Variations

30 record(s)

  1a   Buster Posey   BASE:
  1b   Buster Posey   VAR: Parade
  28a   Prince Fielder   BASE: Batting
  28b   Prince Fielder   VAR: AL Championship sweatshirt
  46a   Zack Greinke   BASE: Pitching
  46b   Zack Greinke   VAR: Press conference
  50a   Bryce Harper   BASE: Red jersey
  50b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Black T-shirt
  56a   Josh Hamilton   BASE: Gray jersey
  56b   Josh Hamilton   VAR: Press conference
  90a   Nick Swisher   BASE: Running
  90b   Nick Swisher   VAR: Press conference
  93a   Justin Upton   BASE: Gray jersey
  93b   Justin Upton   VAR: Press conference
  94a   James Shields   BASE: Pitching
  94b   James Shields   VAR: Press conference
  97a   Matt Cain   BASE: Pitching
  97b   Matt Cain   VAR: Podium
  115a   B.J. Upton   BASE: Batting
  115b   B.J. Upton   VAR: Press conference
  131a   Jose Reyes   BASE: Running
  131b   Jose Reyes   VAR: Press conference
  137a   Yoenis Cespedes   BASE: Batting
  137b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Celebrating with fans
  151a   Torii Hunter   BASE: Batting
  151b   Torii Hunter   VAR: Press conference
  212a   Pablo Sandoval   BASE: Batting
  212b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: Parade
  213a   R.A. Dickey   BASE: Pitching
  213b   R.A. Dickey   VAR: Press conference


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