2018 Topps Update

Errors / Variations

129 record(s)

  US1a   Shohei Ohtani   BASE: Pitching
  US1b   Nolan Ryan   VAR: Legend variation
  US1c   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Warm-up jersey
  US1d   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Batting
  US1e   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Pitching, horizontal, home white uniform
  US7a   Giancarlo Stanton   BASE: Swinging
  US7b   Babe Ruth   VAR: Legend variation
  US7c   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Smiling, batting practice
  US9   Nick Kingham   BASE: Pitching
  US9b   Roberto Clemente   VAR: Legend variation
  US10a   Ian Kinsler   BASE: Running
  US10b   Ian Kinsler   VAR: Coming out of dugout, ready to field
  US12a   Miles Mikolas   BASE: Pitching
  US12b   Miles Mikolas   VAR: Raising hat coming off the field
  US12c   Miles Mikolas   VAR: Pitching, vertical orientation
  US14a   Scott Kingery   BASE: Swinging
  US14b   Scott Kingery   VAR: Horizontal orientation, batting practice
  US14c   Scott Kingery   VAR: Horizontal orientation, throwing
  US20a   Jeurys Familia   BASE: Pitching
  US20b   Don Mattingly   VAR: Legend variation
  US21a   Kenley Jansen   BASE: Pitching
  US21b   Sandy Koufax   VAR: Legend variation
  US23a   J.D. Martinez   BASE: Batting
  US23b   Pedro Martinez   VAR: Legend variation
  US23c   Wade Boggs   VAR: Legend variation
  US31a   Jose Ramirez   BASE: Hands on knees
  US31b   Chipper Jones   VAR: Legend variation
  US34a   Austin Meadows   BASE: Running
  US34b   Austin Meadows   VAR: Smiling, holding bat out
  US34c   Austin Meadows   VAR: Vertical orientation, fielding
  US38a   Jose Berrios   BASE: Pitching
  US38b   Torii Hunter   VAR: Legend variation
  US39a   Freddy Peralta   BASE: Pitching
  US39b   Freddy Peralta   VAR: Vertical orientation
  US44a   Freddie Freeman   BASE: Running
  US44b   Hank Aaron   VAR: Legend variation
  US58a   Jordan Hicks   BASE: Pitching
  US58b   Jordan Hicks   VAR: In dugout, leaning on rail
  US58c   Jordan Hicks   VAR: Horizontal orientation, follow through on pitch
  US64a   Mookie Betts   BASE: Swinging
  US64b   Ted Williams   VAR: Legend variation
  US68a   Michael Soroka   BASE: Pitching
  US68b   Michael Soroka   VAR: Sitting in dugout
  US68c   Michael Soroka   VAR: Horizontal orientation
  US73a   Marcell Ozuna   BASE: Fielding
  US73b   Marcell Ozuna   VAR: Batting practice, sunglasses on hat
  US76a   Salvador Perez   BASE: Catcher's gear
  US76b   George Brett   VAR: Legend variation
  US83a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE: Looking up
  US83b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Fielding, gray hat, black warm-up jersey
  US83c   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Clean face, batting
  US88a   Daniel Mengden   BASE: Vertical orientation
  US88b   Daniel Mengden   VAR: Horizontal orientation
  US95a   Dustin Fowler   BASE: Batting
  US95b   Dustin Fowler   VAR: Horizontal orientation, in dugout with team
  US95c   Dustin Fowler   VAR: Horizontal orientation, batting
  US98a   Edwin Diaz   BASE: Pitching
  US98b   Randy Johnson   VAR: Legend variation
  US100a   Ichiro   BASE: Dark jersey
  US100b   Ichiro   VAR: Smiling, batting practice
  US101a   Chris Sale   BASE: Pitching
  US101b   Roger Clemens   VAR: Legend variation
  US107a   Craig Kimbrel   BASE: Pitching
  US107b   Rally Goose   VAR: Mascot
  US110a   Lourdes Gurriel Jr.   BASE: Running
  US110b   Lourdes Gurriel Jr.   VAR: Smiling, in dugout with team
  US110c   Lourdes Gurriel Jr.   VAR: Fielding with sunglasses on
  US111b   Bob Gibson   VAR: Legend variation
  US118a   Evan Longoria   BASE:Fielding
  US118b   Evan Longoria   VAR: In dugout, no hat on
  US118c   Bo Jackson   VAR: Legend variation
  US121a   George Springer   BASE: Arms outstretched
  US121b   Rickey Henderson   VAR: Legend variation
  US151a   Matt Kemp   BASE: Gray jersey
  US151b   Matt Kemp   VAR: Batting practice
  US157a   Francisco Lindor   BASE: Throwing
  US157b   Ernie Banks   VAR: Legend variation
  US174a   Fernando Romero   BASE: Pitching
  US174b   Fernando Romero   VAR: Vertical orientation, pointing to sky
  US174c   Fernando Romero   VAR: Vertical orientation, pitching
  US175a   Dylan Cozens   BASE: Swinging
  US175b   Dylan Cozens   VAR: Running the bases
  US177a   Jacob deGrom   BASE: Pitching
  US177b   Mike Piazza   VAR: Legend variation
  US195a   J.D. Martinez   BASE: Fielding
  US195b   J.D. Martinez   VAR: Smiling, in warm-up jersey in Yankee Stadium
  US197a   Joe Jimenez   BASE: Pitching
  US197b   Will Clark   VAR: Legend variation
  US198a   Shane Bieber   BASE: Pitching, wind up
  US198b   Shane Bieber   VAR: Pitching, glove tucked
  US200a   Gleyber Torres   BASE: Looking up
  US200b   Lou Gehrig   VAR: Legend variation
  US200c   Gleyber Torres   VAR: Horizontal orientation, pre-game throwing
  US200d   Gleyber Torres   VAR: Batting, gray uniform
  US200e   Gleyber Torres   VAR: Horizontal orientation, in game throwing
  US201a   Nick Kingham   BASE: Pitching
  US201b   Nick Kingham   VAR: Leaving dugout, blowing on hand
  US201c   Nick Kingham   VAR: Horizontal orientation, pitching, yellow jersey
  US213a   Todd Frazier   BASE: Gray jersey
  US213b   Todd Frazier   VAR: Batting practice



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