1933-34 World Wide Gum Ice Kings V357


  1   "Dit" Clapper RC   Boston Bruins
  2   Bill Brydge RC   New York Rangers
  3   Aurele Joliat   Montreal Canadiens
  4   Andrew Blair RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  5   Earl Robinson RC   Montreal Maroons
  6   Paul Haynes RC   Montreal Maroons
  7   Ronnie Martin RC   New York Americans
  8   "Babe" Seibert RC, UER
UER: Last name misspelled on front, should be "Siebert"
  New York Rangers
  9   "Archie" Wilcox RC   Montreal Maroons
  10   "Happy" Day   Toronto Maple Leafs
  11   Roy Worters RC   New York Americans
  12   Nelson Stewart RC   Boston Bruins
  13   "King" Clancy   Toronto Maple Leafs
  14   "Marty" Burke RC   Montreal Canadiens
  15   Cecil Dillon RC   New York Rangers
  16   "Red" Horner RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  17   Armand Mondou RC   Montreal Canadiens
  18   Paul Raymond RC   Montreal Canadiens
  19   Dave Kerr RC   Montreal Maroons
  20   "Butch" Keeling RC   New York Rangers
  21   Johnny Gagnon RC   Montreal Canadiens
  22   "Ace" Bailey RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  23   Harold Oliver RC   Boston Bruins
  24   Gerald Carson RC   Montreal Canadiens
  25   "Red" Dutton UER
UER: First name misspelled on back, should be "Mervyn"
  New York Americans
  26   Georges Mantha RC   Montreal Canadiens
  27   "Marty" Barry RC   Boston Bruins
  28   Wildor Larochelle RC   Montreal Canadiens
  29   "Red" Beattie RC   Boston Bruins
  30   Bill Cook RC   New York Rangers
  31   "Hooley" Smith   Montreal Maroons
  32   Art Chapman RC   Boston Bruins
  33   Harold Cotton RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  34   Lionel Hitchman   Boston Bruins
  35   Geo Patterson RC   New York Americans
  36   "Howie" Morenz   Montreal Canadiens
  37   Jimmy Ward RC   Montreal Maroons
  38   Charley McVeigh RC   New York Americans
  39   Glen Brydson RC   Montreal Maroons
  40   Joe Primeau RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  41   Joe Lamb RC   Boston Bruins
  42   Sylvio Mantha   Montreal Canadiens
  43   "Cyclone" Wentworth RC   Montreal Maroons
  44   Normie Himes RC   New York Americans
  45   Doug Brennan RC   New York Rangers
  46   "Pete" Lepine UER, RC
UER: Nickname misspelled, should be "Pit"
  Montreal Canadiens
  47   Alex Levinsky RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  48   "Baldy" Northcott RC   Montreal Maroons
  49   Kenneth Doraty RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  50   "Bill" Thoms RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  51   Vernon Ayers RC, UER
UER: Last name misspelled, should be "Ayres"
  Montreal Maroons
  52   Lorne Duguid RC   Montreal Maroons
  53   "Wally" Kilrea RC, UER
UER: First name misspelled on back, should be "Walter"
  Montreal Maroons
  54   "Vic" Ripley RC, UER
UER: Photo is Johnny Sheppard
  Boston Bruins
  55   "Happy" Emms RC   Detroit Red Wings
  56   "Duke" Dutkowski RC   New York Americans
  57   "Tiny" Thompson RC   Boston Bruins
  58   Charley Sands RC, UER
UER: First name misspelled on front, should be "Charlie"
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  59   "Larry" Aurie RC   Detroit Red Wings
  60   Bill Beveridge RC   Ottawa Senators
  61   "Bill" MacKenzie RC   Montreal Maroons
  62   Earl Roche RC   Ottawa Senators
  63   "Bob" Gracie RC   Boston Bruins
  64   Hec Kilrea RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  65   "Cooney" Weiland RC   Ottawa Senators
  66   "Bun" Cook RC   New York Rangers
  67   John Roach   Detroit Red Wings
  68   Murray Murdock UER
UER: Last name misspelled, should be "Murdoch"
  New York Rangers
  69   Dan Cox RC   Ottawa Senators
  70   Desse Roche RC   Ottawa Senators
  71   Lorne Chabot RC   Montreal Canadiens
  72   Sid Howe RC, UER
UER: First name misspelled, should be "Syd"
  Ottawa Senators

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