1995 Larry Fritsch Cards AAGPBL Series 1


  1   Dottiee Wiltse   Fort Wayne Daisies
  2   Wimp Baumgartner   South Bend Blue Sox
  3   Evelyn Adams   Fort Wayne Daisies / Grand Rapids Chicks
  4   Ellen Ahrndt   South Bend Blue Sox
  5   Gert Alderfer   Kalamazoo Lassies
  6   Bea Allard   Muskegon Lassies
  7   Isabel Alvarez   Chicago Colleens
  8   Amy Irene Applegren   Rockford Peaches
  9   Bea Arbour   Racine Belles
  10   Ange Armato   Kalamazoo Lassies
  11   Lou Arnold   South Bend Blue Sox
  12   Norene Arnold   Muskegon Lassies
  13   Phyllis Baker   South Bend Blue Sox
  14   Chris Ballingall   Kalamazoo Lassies
  15   Lois Barker   Grand Rapids Chicks
  16   Annastasia Batikis   Racine Belles
  17   Fern Battaglia   Chicago Colleens
  18   Katie Beare   Fort Wayne Daisies
  19   Donna Becker   Kalamazoo Lassies
  20   Barbara Berger   Racine Belles
  21   Joan Berger   Rockford Peaches
  22   Norma Berger   Springfield Sallies
  23   Erma Bergmann
UER: Bergman
  Battle Creek Belles
  24   Betty Berthiaume   Grand Rapids Chicks
  25   Mary Beschorner   Grand Rapids Chicks
  26   Nalda Bird   South Bend Blue Sox
  27   Maybelle Blair   Peoria Redwings
  28   Kay Blumetta   Kalamazoo Lassies
  29   Lorraine Borg   Minneapolis Millerettes
  30   Ruth Born   South Bend Blue Sox
  31   Wilma Briggs   Fort Wayne Daisies
  32   Pat Brown   Battle Creek Belles
  33   Delores Brumfield   Kenosha Comets
  34   Jean Buckley   Kenosha Comets
  35   Shirley Burkovich   Fort Wayne Daisies
  36   Mary Butcher   Grand Rapids Chicks
  37   Helen Callaghan   Fort Wayne Daisies
  38   Marge Callaghan   Fort Wayne Daisies
  39   Ysora Castillo   Kalamazoo Lassies
  40   Ann Cindric   Springfield Sallies
  41   Lucille Colacito   Kenosha Comets
  42   Donna Cook   Muskegon Lassies
  43   Doris Cook   Kalamazoo Lassies
  44   Gloria Cordes   Kalamazoo Lassies
  45   Betty Jane Cornett   Battle Creek Belles
  46   Pat Courtney   Chicago Colleens
  47   Peggy Cramer   South Bend Blue Sox
  48   Eleanor Dapkus   Racine Belles
  49   Alice DeCambra   Peoria Redwings
  50   Lillian DeCambra   Fort Wayne Daisies
  51   Millie Deegan   Rockford Peaches
  52   Jeanie DesCombes   Grand Rapids Chicks
  53   Nancy DeShone   South Bend Blue Sox
  54   Wanita Dokish   Rockford Peaches
  55   Terry Donahue   Peoria Redwings
  56   Maxine Drinkwater   South Bend Blue Sox
  57   Thelma Eisen   Fort Wayne Daisies
  58   Lou Erickson   Rockford Peaches
  59   Betty Fabac   Kenosha Comets
  60   Jean Faut   South Bend Blue Sox
  61   Dottie Ferguson   Rockford Peaches
  62   Helen Filarski   South Bend Blue Sox
  63   Lorraine Fisher   Grand Rapids Chicks
  64   Lois Florreich   Rockford Peaches
  65   Rose Folder   Kenosha Comets
  66   Betty Francis   Kalamazoo Lassies
  67   Mary Froning   South Bend Blue Sox
  68   Gertrude Ganote   South Bend Blue Sox
  69   Ann Garman   South Bend Blue Sox
  70   Eileen Gascon   Peoria Redwings
  71   Jean Geissinger   Fort Wayne Daisies
  72   Bethany Goldsmith   Kenosha Comets
  73   Julie Gutz   Kenosha Comets
  74   Carol Habben   Rockford Peaches
  75   Audrey Haine   Peoria Redwings
  76   Beverly Hatzell   Peoria Redwings
  77   Jean Havlish   Fort Wayne Daisies
  78   Alice Haylett   Grand Rapids Chicks
  79   Ruby Heafner   Fort Wayne Daisies
  80   Ruth Heverly   Kalamazoo Lassies
  81   Irene Hickson   Racine Belles
  82   Joyce Hill   Peoria Redwings
  83   Barb Hoffman   South Bend Blue Sox
  84   Mabel Holle   Kenosha Comets
  85   Alice Hoover   Fort Wayne Daisies
  86   Marion Hosbein   South Bend Blue Sox
  87   Dottie Hunter   Grand Rapids Chicks
  88   Anna May Hutchison   Racine Belles
  89   Lillian Jackson   Fort Wayne Daisies
  90   Jane Jacobs   Racine Belles
  91   Janet Jacobs   Racine Belles
  92   Frances Janssen   Battle Creek Belles
  93   Marilyn Jenkins   Grand Rapids Chicks
  94   Betsy Jochum   South Bend Blue Sox
  95   Arleene Johnson   Muskegon Lassies
  96   Marilyn Jones   Fort Wayne Daisies
  97   Vivian Kellogg   Fort Wayne Daisies
  98   Beatty Kemmerer   South Bend Blue Sox
  99   Sue Kidd   South Bend Blue Sox
  100   Audrey Kissel   Minneapolis Millerettes


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