2014 Topps Stickers


  1   Adam Jones   Baltimore Orioles
  2   Cal Ripken Jr.   Baltimore Orioles
  3   Nick Markakis   Baltimore Orioles
  4   Chris Davis   Baltimore Orioles
  5   J.J. Hardy   Baltimore Orioles
  6   Chris Tillman   Baltimore Orioles
  7   Kevin Gausman   Baltimore Orioles
  8   Manny Machado   Baltimore Orioles
  9   Orioles Mascot MAS   Baltimore Orioles
  10   Koji Uehara   Boston Red Sox
  11   Jon Lester   Boston Red Sox
  12   Xander Bogaerts   Boston Red Sox
  13   Will Middlebrooks   Boston Red Sox
  14   Clay Buchholz   Boston Red Sox
  15   David Ortiz   Boston Red Sox
  16   Dustin Pedroia   Boston Red Sox
  17   Shane Victorino   Boston Red Sox
  18   Wally The Green Monster MAS   Boston Red Sox
  19   Derek Jeter   New York Yankees
  20   Alfonso Soriano   New York Yankees
  21   Babe Ruth   New York Yankees
  22   Jacoby Ellsbury   New York Yankees
  23   Mark Teixeira   New York Yankees
  24   Mariano Rivera   New York Yankees
  25   CC Sabathia   New York Yankees
  26   Carlos Beltran   New York Yankees
  27   Brian McCann   New York Yankees
  28   James Loney   Tampa Bay Rays
  29   Desmond Jennings   Tampa Bay Rays
  30   Wil Myers   Tampa Bay Rays
  31   Alex Cobb   Tampa Bay Rays
  32   Matt Moore   Tampa Bay Rays
  33   Ben Zobrist   Tampa Bay Rays
  34   Evan Longoria   Tampa Bay Rays
  35   Chris Archer   Tampa Bay Rays
  36   Raymond MAS   Tampa Bay Rays
  37   R.A. Dickey   Toronto Blue Jays
  38   Colby Rasmus   Toronto Blue Jays
  39   Jose Bautista   Toronto Blue Jays
  40   Brett Lawrie   Toronto Blue Jays
  41   Mark Buehrle   Toronto Blue Jays
  42   Brandon Morrow   Toronto Blue Jays
  43   Jose Reyes   Toronto Blue Jays
  44   Edwin Encarnacion   Toronto Blue Jays
  45   Blue Jays Mascot MAS   Toronto Blue Jays
  46   Avisail Garcia   Chicago White Sox
  47   Alexei Ramirez   Chicago White Sox
  48   John Danks   Chicago White Sox
  49   Adam Eaton   Chicago White Sox
  50   Chris Sale   Chicago White Sox
  51   Andre Rienzo   Chicago White Sox
  52   Dayan Viciedo   Chicago White Sox
  53   Adam Dunn   Chicago White Sox
  54   White Sox Mascot MAS   Chicago White Sox
  55   Nick Swisher   Cleveland Indians
  56   Carlos Santana   Cleveland Indians
  57   Justin Masterson   Cleveland Indians
  58   Asdrubal Cabrera   Cleveland Indians
  59   Jason Kipnis   Cleveland Indians
  60   Michael Brantley   Cleveland Indians
  61   Danny Salazar   Cleveland Indians
  62   Michael Bourn   Cleveland Indians
  63   Slider MAS   Cleveland Indians
  64   Austin Jackson   Detroit Tigers
  65   Ian Kinsler   Detroit Tigers
  66   Miguel Cabrera   Detroit Tigers
  67   Justin Verlander   Detroit Tigers
  68   Jose Iglesias   Detroit Tigers
  69   Nick Castellanos   Detroit Tigers
  70   Torii Hunter   Detroit Tigers
  71   Max Scherzer   Detroit Tigers
  72   Paws MAS   Detroit Tigers
  73   Alex Gordon   Kansas City Royals
  74   Salvador Perez   Kansas City Royals
  75   George Brett   Kansas City Royals
  76   Eric Hosmer   Kansas City Royals
  77   James Shields   Kansas City Royals
  78   Billy Butler   Kansas City Royals
  79   Yordano Ventura   Kansas City Royals
  80   Mike Moustakas   Kansas City Royals
  81   Royals Mascot MAS   Kansas City Royals
  82   Josh Willingham   Minnesota Twins
  83   Trevor Plouffe   Minnesota Twins
  84   Oswaldo Arcia   Minnesota Twins
  85   Brian Dozier   Minnesota Twins
  86   Joe Mauer   Minnesota Twins
  87   Kevin Correia   Minnesota Twins
  88   Harmon Killebrew   Minnesota Twins
  89   Glen Perkins   Minnesota Twins
  90   TC Bear MAS   Minnesota Twins
  91   Mike Trout   Los Angeles Angels
  92   David Freese   Los Angeles Angels
  93   Jered Weaver   Los Angeles Angels
  94   C.J. Wilson   Los Angeles Angels
  95   Albert Pujols   Los Angeles Angels
  96   Ernesto Frieri   Los Angeles Angels
  97   Howie Kendrick   Los Angeles Angels
  98   Josh Hamilton   Los Angeles Angels
  99   Erick Aybar   Los Angeles Angels
  100   Chris Carter   Houston Astros


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