2009 Rittenhouse Star Trek Movie Cards


  01   Title Card / Cast  
  02   The U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514  
  03   Alnschloss K'Bentayr  
  04   Captain Robau reacts to the hostile maneuvers  
  05   First Officer George Kirk  
  06   The time-traveling Romulan, Nero, demands a me  
  07   Nero leads a mission back in time in an attemp  
  08   U.S.S. Kelvin Captain Robau boards the Romulan  
  09   When the Romulans attack, the crew of the U.S.  
  10   First Officer George Kirk remains aboard the U  
  11   During the evacuation of the U.S.S. Kelvin, Wi  
  12   An underage James T. Kirk tries to outrun the  
  13   Two Federation officers take a break from duty  
  14   A youthful and wayward Kirk spends some spare  
  15   Uhura  
  16   Uhura / Kirk  
  17   James T. Kirk  
  18   Kirk mulls the opportunity to follow in his fa  
  19   Amanda / Sarek  
  20   Newborn baby Spock  
  21   Young teenager Spock  
  22   Sarek / Spock  
  23   Young Spock emerges as an outstanding student  
  24   Spock's father Sarek  
  25   The Vulcan Science Council prepares to offer S  
  26   The Vulcan Capitol  
  27   23rd century San Francisco  
  28   Cadets Kirk and Bones  
  29   Leonard McCoy  
  30   Spock accuses cadet Kirk of cheating...  
  31   Admiral James Komack  
  32   Kirk must defend himself of charges...  
  33   As a crisis unfolds in space, Uhura and the ot  
  34   Orion woman  
  35   After being suspended from duty, Kirk bids an  
  36   Bones finds a loophole in Starfleet regulation  
  37   Responding to a distress call from Vulcan...  
  38   A shuttlecraft transports Kirk, Bones, Uhura...  
  39   The bridge crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise  
  40   Captain Christopher Pike  
  41   Sulu and Chekov at the helm  
  42   Captain Pike confronts cadet Kirk  
  43   Kirk warns Captain Pike of a Romulan ambush as...  
  44   Uhura consults with Kirk, Captain Pike and Spock...  
  45   As Captain Pike prepares to meet Nero, Kirk an  
  46   Kirk and Sulu head up a mission to destroy a R  
  47   Kirk and his team space-dive from low orbit th  
  48   Kirk deploys his parachute as he completes his  
  49   Sulu nearly misses the mark as he navigates hi  
  50   Aboard the Romulan drilling platform, Sulu pre  
  51   Kirk and Sulu battle to the death against fear  
  52   Using every advantage possible, Kirk battles h  
  53   Kirk clings to the edge of the Romulan drillin  
  54   With Kirk hanging on for dear life, Sulu lends  
  55   After having defeated the Romulan guards, Kirk  
  56   Chekov feverishly works to lock onto Kirk and  
  57   An instant before falling to their deaths, Kir  
  58   After destroying the Romulan drilling platform  
  59   Spock beams down to the surface of Vulcan, to  
  60   As his home planet is about to be destroyed, S  
  61   The planet Vulcan, home to Spock, implodes at  
  62   Banished from the Enterprise, Kirk lands on De  
  63   Stranded on Delta Vega, Kirk faces an unlikely  
  64   The icy exterior of Delta Vega is not the only  
  65   Kirk escapes the ferocious Hengrauggi, with th  
  66   Kirk meets Spock, who wishes to perform a mind  
  67   A youthful Scotty meets Kirk and Spock first t  
  68   Scotty's sole companion on the otherwise deser  
  69   Spock gives Scotty the formula for successful  
  70   With the help of Spock and Scotty, Kirk beams  
  71   Kirk introduces Scotty to Spock, who commands  
  72   After a lengthy stretch without human companio  
  73   Kirk and Spock, once adversaries, join forces  
  74   Aboard the Narada, Kirk and Spock carry out th  
  75   In an effort to save Captain Pike, Kirk prepar  
  76   Nero surveys his ship, while Kirk and Spock ba  
  77   Nero and his fellow Romulans prepare to launch  
  78   After destroying the Vulcan homeworld, the Rom  
  79   Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.  
  80   Spock mistakes his elderly counterpart for his  
  81   Spock delivers the iconic Vulcan salute.  

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