2013 Bowman

Blue Sapphire Refractor Rookie Reprint Autographs


  71   David Ortiz AU, SN10   Minnesota Twins
  AK   Al Kaline AU, SN10   Detroit Tigers
  BH   Bryce Harper AU, SN10   Washington Nationals
  CK   Clayton Kershaw AU, SN10   Los Angeles Dodgers
  DS   Duke Snider AU, SN10   Brooklyn Dodgers
  381   David Wright AU, SN10   New York Mets
  DP66   Evan Longoria AU, SN5   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  FT   Frank Thomas AU, SN10   Chicago White Sox
  HA   Hank Aaron AU, SN10   Milwaukee Braves
  JH   Josh Hamilton AU, SN10   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  MC   Miguel Cabrera AU, SN10   Florida Marlins
  MH   Matt Holliday AU, SN10   Colorado Rockies
  MS   Michael Stanton AU, SN10   Florida Marlins
  BDPP89   Mike Trout AU, SN10   Los Angeles Angels
  SM   Stan Musial AU, SN10   St. Louis Cardinals
  YD   Yu Darvish AU, SN10   Texas Rangers
  220   Ken Griffey Jr. AU, SN10   Seattle Mariners
  242   Ernie Banks AU, SN10   Chicago Cubs
  266   John Smoltz AU, SN10   Atlanta Braves
  379   Joe Mauer AU, SN10   Minnesota Twins

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