1983 TCMA 1945 Play Ball


  1   Eddie Mayo   Detroit Tigers
  2   Dizzy Trout   Detroit Tigers
  3   Roy Cullenbine   Detroit Tigers
  4   Joe Kuhel   Washington Senators
  5   George Binks   Washington Senators
  6   Roger Wolff   Washington Senators
  7   Gene Moore   St. Louis Browns
  8   Frank Mancuso   St. Louis Browns
  9   Bob Muncrief   St. Louis Browns
  10   Tuck Stainback   New York Yankees
  11   Bill Bevens   New York Yankees
  12   Snuffy Stirnweiss   New York Yankees
  13   Don Ross   Cleveland Indians
  14   Felix Mackiewicz   Cleveland Indians
  15   Jeff Heath   Cleveland Indians
  16   Johnny Dickshot   Chicago White Sox
  17   Ed Lopat   Chicago White Sox
  18   Skeeter Newsom UER
UER: last named misspelled Newsom
  Boston Red Sox
  19   Eddie Lake   Boston Red Sox
  20   John Lazor   Boston Red Sox
  21   Hal Peck   Philadelphia Athletics
  22   Al Brancato   Philadelphia Athletics
  23   Paul Derringer   Chicago Cubs
  24   Stan Hack   Chicago Cubs
  25   Lennie Merullo   Chicago Cubs
  26   Emil Verban   St. Louis Cardinals
  27   Ken O'Dea   St. Louis Cardinals
  28   Red Barrett   St. Louis Cardinals
  29   Eddie Basinski   Brooklyn Dodgers
  30   Dixie Walker   Brooklyn Dodgers
  31   Goody Rosen   Brooklyn Dodgers
  32   Preacher Roe   Pittsburgh Pirates
  33   Pete Coscarart   Pittsburgh Pirates
  34   Frankie Frisch MGR   Pittsburgh Pirates
  35   Nap Reyes   New York Giants
  36   Danny Gardella   New York Giants
  37   Buddy Kerr   New York Giants
  38   Dick Culler   Boston Braves
  39   Tommy Holmes   Boston Braves
  40   Al Libke   Cincinnati Reds
  41   Howie Fox   Cincinnati Reds
  42   Johnny Riddle   Cincinnati Reds
  43   Andy Seminick   Philadelphia Phillies
  44   Andy Karl   Philadelphia Phillies
  45   Rene Montegeudo UER
Last name misspelled Monteguedo on front
  Philadelphia Phillies

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