1974 Topps


  1   Hank Aaron - Home Run King HL   Atlanta Braves
  2   Hank Aaron 1954-57 HL   Milwaukee Braves
  3   Hank Aaron 1958-61 HL   Milwaukee Braves
  4   Hank Aaron 1962-65 HL   Milwaukee Braves
  5   Hank Aaron 1966-69 HL   Atlanta Braves
  6   Hank Aaron 1970-73 HL   Atlanta Braves
  7   Jim Hunter   Oakland Athletics
  8   George Theodore RC   New York Mets
  9   Mickey Lolich   Detroit Tigers
  10   Johnny Bench   Cincinnati Reds
  11   Jim Bibby   Texas Rangers
  12   Dave May   Milwaukee Brewers
  13   Tom Hilgendorf   Cleveland Indians
  14   Paul Popovich   Chicago Cubs
  15   Joe Torre   St. Louis Cardinals
  16   Baltimore Orioles TC   Baltimore Orioles
  17   Doug Bird RC   Kansas City Royals
  18   Gary Thomasson RC   San Francisco Giants
  19   Gerry Moses   New York Yankees
  20   Nolan Ryan   California Angels
  21   Bob Gallagher RC   Houston Astros
  22   Cy Acosta   Chicago White Sox
  23   Craig Robinson RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  24   John Hiller   Detroit Tigers
  25   Ken Singleton   Montreal Expos
  26   Bill Campbell RC   Minnesota Twins
  27   George Scott   Milwaukee Brewers
  28   Manny Sanguillen   Pittsburgh Pirates
  29   Phil Niekro   Atlanta Braves
  30   Bobby Bonds   San Francisco Giants
  31   Preston Gomez / Bob Lillis / Roger Craig / Hub Kittle / Grady Hatton MGR   Houston Astros
  32a   John Grubb RC, VAR
VAR: San Diego
  San Diego Padres
  32b   John Grubb RC, VAR, SP
VAR: Washington
  San Diego Padres
  33   Don Newhauser RC   Boston Red Sox
  34   Andy Kosco   Cincinnati Reds
  35   Gaylord Perry   Cleveland Indians
  36   St. Louis Cardinals TC   St. Louis Cardinals
  37   Dave Sells RC   California Angels
  38   Don Kessinger   Chicago Cubs
  39   Ken Suarez   Texas Rangers
  40   Jim Palmer   Baltimore Orioles
  41   Bobby Floyd   Kansas City Royals
  42   Claude Osteen   Los Angeles Dodgers
  43   Jim Wynn   Houston Astros
  44   Mel Stottlemyre   New York Yankees
  45   Dave Johnson   Atlanta Braves
  46   Pat Kelly   Chicago White Sox
  47   Dick Ruthven RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  48   Dick Sharon RC   Detroit Tigers
  49   Steve Renko   Montreal Expos
  50   Rod Carew   Minnesota Twins
  51   Bobby Heise   Milwaukee Brewers
  52   Al Oliver   Pittsburgh Pirates
  53a   Fred Kendall VAR
VAR: San Diego
  San Diego Padres
  53b   Fred Kendall VAR, SP
VAR: Washington
  San Diego Padres
  54   Elias Sosa RC   San Francisco Giants
  55   Frank Robinson   California Angels
  56   New York Mets TC   New York Mets
  57   Darold Knowles   Oakland Athletics
  58   Charlie Spikes   Cleveland Indians
  59   Ross Grimsley   Cincinnati Reds
  60   Lou Brock   St. Louis Cardinals
  61   Luis Aparicio   Boston Red Sox
  62   Bob Locker   Chicago Cubs
  63   Bill Sudakis   Texas Rangers
  64   Doug Rau   Los Angeles Dodgers
  65   Amos Otis   Kansas City Royals
  66   Sparky Lyle   New York Yankees
  67   Tommy Helms   Houston Astros
  68   Grant Jackson   Baltimore Orioles
  69   Del Unser   Philadelphia Phillies
  70   Dick Allen   Chicago White Sox
  71   Danny Frisella   Atlanta Braves
  72   Aurelio Rodriguez   Detroit Tigers
  73   Mike Marshall   Montreal Expos
  74   Minnesota Twins TC   Minnesota Twins
  75   Jim Colborn   Milwaukee Brewers
  76   Mickey Rivers   California Angels
  77a   Rich Troedson VAR, RC
VAR: San Diego
  San Diego Padres
  77b   Rich Troedson VAR, RC, SP
VAR: Washington
  San Diego Padres
  78   Charlie Fox / John McNamara / Joe Amalfitano / Andy Gilbert / Don McMahon MGR   San Francisco Giants
  79   Gene Tenace   Oakland Athletics
  80   Tom Seaver   New York Mets
  81   Frank Duffy   Cleveland Indians
  82   Dave Giusti   Pittsburgh Pirates
  83   Orlando Cepeda   Boston Red Sox
  84   Rick Wise   Boston Red Sox
  85   Joe Morgan   Cincinnati Reds
  86   Joe Ferguson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  87   Fergie Jenkins   Texas Rangers
  88   Freddie Patek   Kansas City Royals
  89   Jackie Brown   Texas Rangers
  90   Bobby Murcer   New York Yankees
  91   Ken Forsch   Houston Astros
  92   Paul Blair   Baltimore Orioles
  93   Rod Gilbreath RC   Atlanta Braves
  94   Detroit Tigers TC   Detroit Tigers
  95   Steve Carlton   Philadelphia Phillies
  96   Jerry Hairston RC   Chicago White Sox
  97   Bob Bailey   Montreal Expos


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