1981 Scanlens


  1   Tom Mooney   Manly Sea Eagles
  2   Terry Randall   Manly Sea Eagles
  3   Alan Thompson   Manly Sea Eagles
  4   Steve Martin   Manly Sea Eagles
  5   Geoff Gerard   Manly Sea Eagles
  6   Bruce Walker   Manly Sea Eagles
  7   Russell Gartner   Manly Sea Eagles
  8   Max Krilich   Manly Sea Eagles
  9   Graham Eadie   Manly Sea Eagles
  10   John Gibbs   Manly Sea Eagles
  11   Ray Brown   Manly Sea Eagles
  12   John Dorahy   Manly Sea Eagles
  13   Paul Vautin   Manly Sea Eagles
  14   Simon Booth   Manly Sea Eagles
  15   David Grant   Balmain Tigers
  16   Neil Whittaker   Balmain Tigers
  17   Olsen Filipaina   Balmain Tigers
  18   Larry Corowa   Balmain Tigers
  19   Allan McMahon   Balmain Tigers
  20   Mal Creevey   Balmain Tigers
  21   Percy Knight   Balmain Tigers
  22   Neil Pringle   Balmain Tigers
  23   Wayne Miranda   Balmain Tigers
  24   Wayne Wigham   Balmain Tigers
  25   Gary Spears   Balmain Tigers
  26   Ron Pilon   Balmain Tigers
  27   Ian Thomson   Balmain Tigers
  28   Wayne Pearce   Balmain Tigers
  29   Steve Gearin   Canterbury Bulldogs
  30   David Moffett   Canterbury Bulldogs
  31   Stan Cutler   Canterbury Bulldogs
  32   John Coveney   Canterbury Bulldogs
  33   Chris Mortimer   Canterbury Bulldogs
  34   Steve Mortimer   Canterbury Bulldogs
  35   Peter Mortimer   Canterbury Bulldogs
  36   Greg Brentnall   Canterbury Bulldogs
  37   Graeme Hughes   Canterbury Bulldogs
  38   Mark Hughes   Canterbury Bulldogs
  39   Garry Hughes   Canterbury Bulldogs
  40   George Peponis   Canterbury Bulldogs
  41   Steve Folkes   Canterbury Bulldogs
  42   Chris Anderson   Canterbury Bulldogs
  43   Russell Fairfax   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  44   Steve Walsh   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  45   Charlie Frith   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  46   John Peek   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  47   Gary Hambly   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  48   Shane Arneil   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  49   Nathan Gibbs   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  50   Gary Wright   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  51   David Sinclair   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  52   Graham Murray   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  53   Michael Pattison   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  54   Ziggy Niszczot   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  55   Joe Squadrito   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  56   Mitch Brennan   South Sydney Rabbitohs
  57   Gary Cameron   Cronulla Sharks
  58   Steve Hansard   Cronulla Sharks
  59   Steve Kneen   Cronulla Sharks
  60   Peter McNamara   Cronulla Sharks
  61   Gavin Miller   Cronulla Sharks
  62   Rex Williams   Cronulla Sharks
  63   Dane Sorensen   Cronulla Sharks
  64   Kurt Sorensen   Cronulla Sharks
  65   Greg Mullane   Cronulla Sharks
  66   Paul Khan   Cronulla Sharks
  67   Mick Mullane   Cronulla Sharks
  68   Rick Bourke   Cronulla Sharks
  69   Steve Edmonds   Cronulla Sharks
  70   Steve Rogers   Cronulla Sharks
  71   Bob Cooper   Western Suburbs Magpies
  72   John Donnelly   Western Suburbs Magpies
  73   John McLeod   Western Suburbs Magpies
  74   Greg Cox   Western Suburbs Magpies
  75   Paul Merlo   Western Suburbs Magpies
  76   Terry Lamb   Western Suburbs Magpies
  77   Jim Leis   Western Suburbs Magpies
  78   Warren Boland   Western Suburbs Magpies
  79   Ted Goodwin   Western Suburbs Magpies
  80   John Ribot   Western Suburbs Magpies
  81   Garry Dowling   Western Suburbs Magpies
  82   Tom Arber   Western Suburbs Magpies
  83   Alan Latham   Western Suburbs Magpies
  84   Wayne Smith   Western Suburbs Magpies
  85   Steve Edge   Parramatta Eels
  86   Mick Cronin   Parramatta Eels
  87   Neil Hunt   Parramatta Eels
  88   Neville Glover   Parramatta Eels
  89   Brett Kenny   Parramatta Eels
  90   Peter Sterling   Parramatta Eels
  91   Eric Grothe   Parramatta Eels
  92   Kevin Stevens   Parramatta Eels
  93   Tony Melrose   Parramatta Eels
  94   Bob O'Reilly   Parramatta Eels
  95   Phil Mann   Parramatta Eels
  96   Ray Price   Parramatta Eels
  97   Peter Wynn   Parramatta Eels
  98   Ron Hilditch   Parramatta Eels
  99   Brian Johnson   St. George Dragons
  100   Graham Quinn   St. George Dragons


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