2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

Franchise Futures Signatures


  1   Tyler Goeddel AU, SN450   Tampa Bay Rays
  2   Dante Bichette Jr. AU, EXCH, SN99   New York Yankees
  3   James Harris AU, SN599   Tampa Bay Rays
  4   Cory Mazzoni AU, SN468   New York Mets
  5   Abel Baker AU, SN433   Los Angeles Angels
  6   Alex Dickerson AU, SN585   Pittsburgh Pirates
  7   Justin Bour AU, SN784   Chicago Cubs
  8   Tyler Anderson AU, SN564   Colorado Rockies
  9   Jeff Ames AU, SN709   Tampa Bay Rays
  10   Cristhian Adames AU, SN535   Colorado Rockies
  11   Jason Krizan AU, SN663   Detroit Tigers
  12   Michael Kelly AU, SN340   San Diego Padres
  13   Kyle McMillen AU,SN774   Chicago White Sox
  14   Charlie Tilson AU, SN635   St. Louis Cardinals
  15   Brad Miller AU, SN495   Seattle Mariners
  16   Blake Snell AU, SN364   Tampa Bay Rays
  17   Daniel Norris AU, SN759   Toronto Blue Jays
  18   Williams Jerez AU, SN475   Boston Red Sox
  19   Erik Johnson AU, SN774   Chicago White Sox
  20   Gabriel Rosa AU, SN774   Cincinnati Reds
  21   Adam Morgan AU, SN640   Philadelphia Phillies
  22   Aaron Westlake AU, SN826   Detroit Tigers
  23   Brandon Loy AU, SN775   Detroit Tigers
  24   Zach Good AU, SN939   Boston Red Sox
  25   Angelo Songco AU, SN864   Los Angeles Dodgers
  26   Jordan Akins AU, SN1184   Texas Rangers
  27   Josh Osich AU, SN664   San Francisco Giants
  28   Austin Hedges AU, SN201   San Diego Padres
  29   Jake Sisco AU, SN735   Cleveland Indians
  30   B.A. Vollmuth AU, SN633   Oakland Athletics
  31   Austin Wood AU, SN763   Detroit Tigers
  32   Dan Vogelbach AU, SN237   Chicago Cubs
  33   Carl Thomore AU, SN694   Colorado Rockies
  34   Blake Swihart AU, SN369   Boston Red Sox
  35   James Allen AU, SN804   Cincinnati Reds
  36   Carlos Sanchez AU, SN1264   Chicago White Sox
  37   Michael Goodnight AU, SN1126   Cleveland Indians
  38   James McCann AU, SN774   Detroit Tigers
  39   Will Lamb AU, SN664   Texas Rangers
  40   Taylor Featherston AU, SN636   Colorado Rockies
  41   Nick Ramirez AU, SN669   Milwaukee Brewers
  42   Johnny Eierman AU, SN675   Tampa Bay Rays
  43   Logan Verrett AU, SN137   New York Mets
  44   Neftali Rosario AU, SN781   Chicago Cubs
  45   Kevin Comer AU, SN864   Toronto Blue Jays
  46   Kendrick Perkins AU, SN580   Boston Red Sox
  47   Tyler Grimes AU, SN564   Minnesota Twins
  48   Kyle Winkler AU, SN536   Arizona Diamondbacks
  49   John Hicks AU, SN1156   Seattle Mariners
  50   Taylor Guerrieri AU, SN467   Tampa Bay Rays
  51   Dillon Maples AU, SN564   Chicago Cubs
  52   Harold Martinez AU, SN625   Philadelphia Phillies
  53   Grayson Garvin AU, SN774   Tampa Bay Rays
  54   Zeke DeVoss AU, SN664   Boston Red Sox
  55   Mitch Walding AU, SN1140   Philadelphia Phillies
  56   Clay Holmes AU, SN784   Pittsburgh Pirates
  57   Hudson Boyd AU, SN457   Minnesota Twins
  58   Granden Goetzman AU, SN384   Tampa Bay Rays
  59   Bryan Brickhouse AU, SN945   Kansas City Royals
  60   Shane Opitz AU, SN964   Toronto Blue Jays
  61   Nick Fleece AU, SN1164   Cincinnati Reds
  62   Barret Loux AU, SN685   Texas Rangers
  63   Jake Lowery AU, SN735   Cleveland Indians
  64   Madison Boer AU, SN378   Minnesota Twins
  65   Tony Zych AU, SN663   Chicago Cubs
  66   Sean Halton AU, SN956   Milwaukee Brewers
  67   Cavan Cohoes AU, SN784   Seattle Mariners
  68   Dean Green AU, SN626   Detroit Tigers
  69   Miles Hamblin AU, SN1159   Houston Astros
  70   J.R. Graham AU, SN485   Atlanta Braves
  71   Tom Robson AU, SN780   Toronto Blue Jays
  72   Riccio Torrez AU, SN784   Tampa Bay Rays
  73   Adam Conley AU, SN784   Florida Marlins
  74   Pratt Maynard AU, SN586   Los Angeles Angels
  75   Jordan Cote AU, SN462   New York Yankees
  76   Kyle Gaedele AU, SN1264   San Diego Padres
  77   Christian Lopes AU, SN486   Toronto Blue Jays
  78   Travis Shaw AU, SN535   Boston Red Sox
  79   Parker Markel AU, SN1184   Tampa Bay Rays
  80   Chad Comer AU, SN1035   Atlanta Braves
  81   Adrian Houser AU, SN585   Houston Astros
  82   Corey Williams AU, SN940   Minnesota Twins
  83   Brian Flynn AU, SN516   Detroit Tigers
  84   Phillip Evans AU, SN890   New York Mets
  85   Lee Orr AU, SN1035   San Diego Padres
  86   Brandon Parrent AU, SN735   Chicago White Sox
  87   Roman Quinn AU, SN264   Philadelphia Phillies
  88   Jake Floethe AU, SN652   Tampa Bay Rays
  89   Andrew Susac AU, SN364   San Francisco Giants
  90   Navery Moore AU, SN784   Atlanta Braves
  91   Chris Schwinden AU, SN774   New York Mets
  92   Cole Green AU, SN820   Cincinnati Reds
  93   Chris Wallace AU, SN1135   Houston Astros
  94   Steven Ames AU, SN710   Los Angeles Dodgers
  95   James Baldwin AU, SN575   Los Angeles Dodgers
  96   Forrest Snow AU, SN685   Seattle Mariners
  97   Bobby Crocker AU, SN494   Oakland Athletics
  98   Dwight Smith Jr. AU, SN675   Toronto Blue Jays
  99   Greg Bird AU, SN364   New York Yankees
  100   Bryson Myles AU, SN914   Cleveland Indians


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