1988 ProCards


  1   Lonnie Smith   Richmond Braves
  2   Tommy Greene   Richmond Braves
  3   Ron Gant   Richmond Braves
  4   Todd Dewey   Richmond Braves
  5   Greg Tubbs   Richmond Braves
  6   Sam Ayoub TR   Richmond Braves
  7   Juan Espino   Richmond Braves
  8   Carlos Rios   Richmond Braves
  9   Jeff Wetherby   Richmond Braves
  10   Juan Eichelberger   Richmond Braves
  11   Marty Clary   Richmond Braves
  12   Jose Alvarez   Richmond Braves
  13   Bean Stringfellow   Richmond Braves
  14   Sid Akins   Richmond Braves
  15   Jim Beauchamp MGR   Richmond Braves
  16   Leo Mazzone PC   Richmond Braves
  17   Clarence Jones   Richmond Braves
  18   Jeff Blauser   Richmond Braves
  19   John Mizerock   Richmond Braves
  20   Dave Griffin   Richmond Braves
  21   Derek Lilliquist   Richmond Braves
  22   Joe Boever   Richmond Braves
  23   John Smoltz   Richmond Braves
  24   Dave Justice   Richmond Braves
  25   Alex Smith   Richmond Braves
  26   Gary Eave   Richmond Braves
  NNO   Richmond Braves Checklist CL   Richmond Braves
  27   Scott May   Oklahoma City 89ers
  28   Billy Taylor   Oklahoma City 89ers
  29   Rick Odekirk   Oklahoma City 89ers
  30   Jeff Kunkel   Oklahoma City 89ers
  31   Dan Rohn   Oklahoma City 89ers
  32   Larry Klein   Oklahoma City 89ers
  33   Dwayne Henry   Oklahoma City 89ers
  34   Tony Fossas   Oklahoma City 89ers
  35   Gary Mielke   Oklahoma City 89ers
  36   Bill Merrifield   Oklahoma City 89ers
  37   Don Werner P/C   Oklahoma City 89ers
  38   James Steels   Oklahoma City 89ers
  39   Jim St. Laurent   Oklahoma City 89ers
  40   Gar Millay   Oklahoma City 89ers
  41   Jose Tolentino   Oklahoma City 89ers
  42   Robbie Wine   Oklahoma City 89ers
  43   Darrell Whitaker   Oklahoma City 89ers
  44   Craig McMurtry   Oklahoma City 89ers
  45   Barbaro Garbey   Oklahoma City 89ers
  46   Toby Harrah   Oklahoma City 89ers
  47   Otto Gonzalez   Oklahoma City 89ers
  48   Tom O'Malley   Oklahoma City 89ers
  49   Ray Hayward   Oklahoma City 89ers
  50   Fergie Jenkins PC   Oklahoma City 89ers
  51   Ray Ramirez TR   Oklahoma City 89ers
  52   Ed Vande Berg   Oklahoma City 89ers
  NNO   Oklahoma City 89ers Checklist CL   Oklahoma City 89ers
  53   Tim Blackwell HC   Phoenix Firebirds
  54   Mark Wasinger   Phoenix Firebirds
  55   Randy Bockus   Phoenix Firebirds
  56   Matt Williams   Phoenix Firebirds
  57   Charlie Hayes   Phoenix Firebirds
  58   Deron McCue   Phoenix Firebirds
  59   Rusty Tillman   Phoenix Firebirds
  60   Everett Graham   Phoenix Firebirds
  61   Kirt Manwaring   Phoenix Firebirds
  62   Roger Mason   Phoenix Firebirds
  63   Angel Escobar   Phoenix Firebirds
  64   Francisco Melendez   Phoenix Firebirds
  65   Wendell Kim MGR   Phoenix Firebirds
  66   Cliff Shidawara TR   Phoenix Firebirds
  67   Marty DeMerritt PC   Phoenix Firebirds
  68   Alan Cockrell   Phoenix Firebirds
  69   Bobby Ramos   Phoenix Firebirds
  70   Roger Samuels   Phoenix Firebirds
  71   Randy McCament   Phoenix Firebirds
  72   Ty Dabney   Phoenix Firebirds
  73   Mike Hogan   Phoenix Firebirds
  74   Ed Puikunas   Phoenix Firebirds
  75   Tony Perezchica   Phoenix Firebirds
  76   John Burkett   Phoenix Firebirds
  77   Terry Mulholland   Phoenix Firebirds
  78   Jeff Brantley   Phoenix Firebirds
  79   Brian Ohnoutka   Phoenix Firebirds
  80   Dennis Cook   Phoenix Firebirds
  NNO   Phoenix Firebirds Checklist CL   Phoenix Firebirds
  81   Kenny Davis   Visalia Oaks
  82   Dana Heinle   Visalia Oaks
  83   Larry Blackwell   Visalia Oaks
  84   John Eccles   Visalia Oaks
  85   Mike Randle   Visalia Oaks
  86   Kenny Grant   Visalia Oaks
  87   A.J. Richardson   Visalia Oaks
  88   Troy James   Visalia Oaks
  89   Jose Marzan   Visalia Oaks
  90   Kenny Morgan   Visalia Oaks
  91   Shawn Gilbert   Visalia Oaks
  92   Paul Abbott   Visalia Oaks
  93   Mike Redding   Visalia Oaks
  94   Steve Scanlon   Visalia Oaks
  95   Jeff Bronkey   Visalia Oaks
  96   Slim Williams   Visalia Oaks
  97   Tim Arnold   Visalia Oaks


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