1991-92 Ultimate Original 6


  1   Bernie Geoffrion / Henri Richard CL
Checklist 7-17
  Montreal Canadiens
  2   Andy Bathgate / Harry Howell CL
Checklist 18-29
  New York Rangers
  3   David Keon / Allan Stanley CL
Checklist 30-46
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  4   Ken Hodge / Ed Westfall CL
Checklist 47-56
  Boston Bruins
  5   Pierre Pilote / Bobby Hull CL
Checklist 57-65
  Chicago Blackhawks
  6   Alex Delvecchio / Ted Lindsay CL
Checklist 66-75
  Detroit Red Wings
  7   Ralph Backstrom   Montreal Canadiens
  8   Emile Bouchard   Montreal Canadiens
  9   John Ferguson   Montreal Canadiens
  10   Bernie Geoffrion   Montreal Canadiens
  11   Phil Goyette   Montreal Canadiens
  12   Doug Harvey   Montreal Canadiens
  13   Don Marshall   Montreal Canadiens
  14   Henri Richard   Montreal Canadiens
  15   Dollard St. Laurent   Montreal Canadiens
  16   Jean Guy Talbot   Montreal Canadiens
  17   Lorne Worsley   Montreal Canadiens
  18   Andy Bathgate   New York Rangers
  19   Lou Fontinato   New York Rangers
  20   Ed Giacomin   New York Rangers
  21   Vic Hadfield   New York Rangers
  22   Camille Henry   New York Rangers
  23   Harry Howell   New York Rangers
  24   Orland Kurtenbach   New York Rangers
  25   Jim Neilson   New York Rangers
  26   Bob Nevin   New York Rangers
  27   Dean Prentice   New York Rangers
  28   Leo Reise   New York Rangers
  29   George Sullivan   New York Rangers
  30   Bobby Baun   Toronto Maple Leafs
  31   Gus Bodnar   Toronto Maple Leafs
  32   John Bower   Toronto Maple Leafs
  33   Bob Davidson   Toronto Maple Leafs
  34   Ron Ellis   Toronto Maple Leafs
  35a   Bill Harris ERR
ERR: Front photo Larry Hillman (stopping)
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  35b   Bill Harris COR
COR: Front photo Bill Harris (posed)
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  36   Larry Hillman   Toronto Maple Leafs
  37   Miles Gilbert Horton   Toronto Maple Leafs
  38   Leonard Kelly   Toronto Maple Leafs
  39   David Keon   Toronto Maple Leafs
  40   Frank Mahovlich   Toronto Maple Leafs
  41   Ed Shack   Toronto Maple Leafs
  42   Tod Sloan   Toronto Maple Leafs
  43   Sid Smith   Toronto Maple Leafs
  44   Allan Stanley   Toronto Maple Leafs
  45   Gaye Stewart   Toronto Maple Leafs
  46   Harry Watson   Toronto Maple Leafs
  47   Wayne Carleton   Boston Bruins
  48   Fern Flaman   Boston Bruins
  49a   Ken Hodge ERR
ERR: Front photo Ed Westfall
  Boston Bruins
  49b   Ken Hodge COR
COR: Front photo Ken Hodge (front of net)
  Boston Bruins
  50   Leo Labine   Boston Bruins
  51   Harry Lumley   Boston Bruins
  52   John McKenzie   Boston Bruins
  53   Doug Mohns   Boston Bruins
  54   Fred Stanfield   Boston Bruins
  55   Jerry Toppazzini   Boston Bruins
  56   Ed Westfall   Boston Bruins
  57   Bobby Hull   Chicago Blackhawks
  58   Ed Litzenberger   Chicago Blackhawks
  59   Gilles Marotte   Chicago Blackhawks
  60   Ab McDonald   Chicago Blackhawks
  61   Bill Mosienko   Chicago Blackhawks
  62   Jim Pappin   Chicago Blackhawks
  63   Pierre Pilote   Chicago Blackhawks
  64   Elmer Vasko   Chicago Blackhawks
  65   John Wilson   Chicago Blackhawks
  66   Sid Abel   Detroit Red Wings
  67   Gary Bergman   Detroit Red Wings
  68   Alex Delvecchio   Detroit Red Wings
  69   Bill Gadsby   Detroit Red Wings
  70   Ted Lindsay   Detroit Red Wings
  71   Marcel Pronovost   Detroit Red Wings
  72   Norm Ullman   Detroit Red Wings
  73   Bernie Geoffrion
Montreal Canadians Hall of Fame Checklist
  Montreal Canadiens
  74   Andy Bathgate
New York Rangers Hall of Fame Checklist
  New York Rangers
  75   Allan Stanley
Toronto Maple Leaf Hall of Fame Checklist
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  76   Fern Flaman
Boston Bruins Hall of Fame Checklist
  Boston Bruins
  77   Bobby Hull
Chicago Blackhawks Hall of Fame Checklist
  Chicago Blackhawks
  78   Norm Ullman
Detroit Red Wings Hall of Fame Checklist
  Detroit Red Wings
  79   Red Kelly
All Ultimate Team
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  80   John Bower
All Ultimate Team
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  81   Henri Richard
All Ultimate Team
  Montreal Canadiens
  82   Bobby Hull
All Ultimate Team
  Chicago Blackhawks
  83   Boom-Boom Geoffrion
All Ultimate Team
  Montreal Canadiens
  84   Tim Horton
All Ultimate Team
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  85   Bill Friday REF  
  86   Bruce Hood REF  
  87   Ron Wicks REF  
  88   Bobby Hull
The Electric Slap Shot
  Chicago Blackhawks
  89   Bobby Hull
The Point Race
  Chicago Blackhawks
  90   Bobby Hull
60/61 Stanley Cup Victory
  Chicago Blackhawks
  91   Bobby Hull
The Curse of Muldoon is Lifted
  Chicago Blackhawks
  92   Bobby Hull
Million Dollar Man
  Chicago Blackhawks
  93   Bobby Baun's heroism...
...brings victory to Toronto
  Toronto Maple Leafs
  94   Terrible Tempered Ted...
...is back
  Detroit Red Wings
  95   The Pocket Rocket's...
...99-year record remains
  Montreal Canadiens
  96   The Golden Jet...
...breaks the 50-goal barrier
  Chicago Blackhawks
  97   A tribute to...
...Miles Gilbert Horton
  Buffalo Sabres / Toronto Maple Leafs
  98   Keith McCreary   Montreal Canadiens


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