1991 Maxx


  1   Rick Mast ERR
ERR: All Totals stats are wrong (226, 9, 4, 88), corrected in Update set
  Precision Products Racing
  2   Rusty Wallace   Penske Racing South
  3   Dale Earnhardt ERR
ERR: Poles incorrect at 5 & 13 and T10's incorrect at 231 - corrected in Update set
  Richard Childress Racing
  4   Ernie Irvan ERR
ERR: T10 stats listed as 12 & 17 - corrected in Update set
  Morgan-McClure Motorsports
  5   Ricky Rudd ERR
ERR: T10's listed as 14/184, corrected in Update set
  Hendrick Motorsports
  6   Mark Martin ERR
ERR: Incorrectly lists Poles as 4/13 - corrected in Update set
  Roush Racing
  7   Alan Kulwicki
Zerex uniform
  AK Racing
  8   Rick Wilson ERR
ERR: Total Races = 143, corrected in Update set; Food Lion uniform
  Stavola Brothers Racing
  9   Bill Elliott ERR
ERR: 1990 T10's = 15, corrected in Update set; Close-up photo
  Melling Racing
  10   Derrike Cope   Whitcomb Racing
  11   Geoff Bodine ERR
ERR: Incorrect Total T10's (117) - corrected in Update set
  Junior Johnson & Associates
  12   Hut Stricklin ERR
ERR: Races listed as 26/56 - corrected in Update set
  Bobby Allison Racing
  13   Ken Bouchard ERR
ERR: ROY (in 1981), Total Races listed as 25 - corrected in Update set
  ADAP Racing Team
  14   A.J. Foyt   A.J. Foyt Enterprises
  15   Morgan Shepherd ERR
ERR: DOB listed as 10/21/41 - corrected in Update set
  Bud Moore Engineering
  16   Joey Knuckles RC   Robert Yates Racing
  17   Darrell Waltrip ERR
ERR: Stats for Races & T10's incorrect, corrected in Update set; Tide uniform
  DARWAL, Inc.
  18   Greg Sacks   Hendrick Motorsports
  19   Chad Little   Fast Fever Racing
  20   Jimmy Hensley   Moroso Performance
  21   Dale Jarrett   Wood Brothers Racing
  22   Sterling Marlin ERR
ERR: Total T10's = 53, corrected in Update set; Sunoco uniform
  Junior Johnson & Associates
  23   Eddie Bierschwale   Bierschwale Racing
  24   Mickey Gibbs   Team III Motorsports
  25   Ken Schrader ERR
ERR: Poles incorrect at 2 and 9 - corrected in Update set
  Hendrick Motorsports
  26   Brett Bodine   King Racing
  27   Bobby Allison   Bobby Allison Racing
  28   Davey Allison   Robert Yates Racing
  29   Jeff Hammond   DARWAL, Inc.
  30   Michael Waltrip ERR
ERR: DOB line centered, corrected in Update set; Maxwell House uniform
  Bahari Racing
  31   Jim Sauter   Group 44
  32   Cale Yarborough   Cale Yarborough Motorsports
  33   Harry Gant ERR
ERR: Race Stats are incorrect (29/357) - corrected in Update set
  Leo Jackson Motorsports
  34   Jimmy Makar   Penske Racing South
  35   Robert Yates   Robert Yates Racing
  36   Neil Bonnett   Wood Brothers Racing
  37   Rick Hendrick   Hendrick Motorsports
  38   Harry Hyde   Stavola Brothers Racing
  39   Kenny Wallace ERR
ERR: DOB incorrect as 8/6/63 - corrected in Update set
  Rusty Wallace Racing
  40   Tom Kendall ERR
ERR: Incorrect Totals Stats for Races (3) and T10s (0) - corrected in Update set
  Reno Enterprises
  41   Larry Pearson   Larry Hedrick Motorsports
  42   Kyle Petty ERR
ERR: T10's listed as 13/95, corrected in Update set; Pictured in T-shirt
  SABCO Racing
  43   Richard Petty ERR
ERR: Stats are incorrect for Poles (123) & T10's (693) - corrected in Update set
  Petty Enterprises
  44   Jimmy Horton   S&H Racing
  45   Mike Beam   Melling Racing
  46   Bud Moore   Bud Moore Engineering
  47   Jack Pennington   Close Racing
  48   James Hylton   Hylton Racing
  49   Rodney Combs ERR
ERR: Stat Totals incorrect for Races (54) and T10's (0) - corrected in Update set
  Mueller Brothers Racing
  50   Pit Crew Champs ERR
ERR: Stats for T10's in 1990 is 15 and text centered - corrected in Update set
  Melling Racing
  51   Jeff Purvis RC   Phoenix Racing
  52   Jimmy Means   Jimmy Means Racing
  53   Bobby Labonte ERR, RC
ERR: All stats are zeros, corrected in Update set
  Labonte Motorsports
  54   Richard Childress
Sitting in Goodwrench clothing - changed in Update set
  Richard Childress Racing
  55   Billy Hagan   Hagan Enterprises
  56   Bill Ingle RC   Bahari Racing
  57   Jim Bown ERR
ERR: Races Totals incorrect (9) - corrected in Update set
  Osterlund Motor Ventures
  58   Ken Ragan ERR
ERR: Races stats incorrect (0 & 4) - corrected in Update set
  Branch-Ragan Racing
  59   Larry McReynolds   King Racing
  60   Jack Roush   Roush Racing
  61   Phil Parsons   Diamond Ridge Racing
  62   Harry Melling   Melling Racing
  63   Barry Dodson   Penske Racing South
  64   Tony Glover   Morgan-McClure Motorsports
  65   Tommy Houston   DAHRT, Inc.
  66   Dick Trickle ERR
ERR: Wrong Stats for Poles (0) and Totals of Races (75), T10's (20) - corrected in Update set
  Cale Yarborough Motorsports
  67   Cliff Champion   Precision Products Racing
  68   Bobby Hamilton ERR
ERR: DOB listed as 5/27/57 - corrected in Update set with a different photo
  FILMAR Racing
  69   Gary Nelson   SABCO Racing
  70   J.D. McDuffie   McDuffie Motorsports
  71   Dave Marcis   Marcis Auto Racing
  72   Ernie Elliott   Melling Racing
  73   Phil Barkdoll ERR
ERR: Race Stats listed as 0 & 14 - corrected in Update set
  Barkdoll Racing
  74   Junie Donlavey   Donlavey Racing
  75   Chuck Rider   Bahari Racing
  76   Ben Hess   Hess Racing
  77   Steve Hmiel   Roush Racing
  78   Felix Sabates   SABCO Racing
  79   Tim Brewer   Junior Johnson & Associates
  80   Tim Morgan   Morgan-McClure Motorsports
  81   Larry McClure   Morgan-McClure Motorsports
  82   Mark Stahl   Stahl Racing
  83   Lake Speed
Uniform is Prestone - changed in Update set
  Speed Racing
  84   Waddell Wilson   Hendrick Motorsports
  85   Mike Alexander ERR
ERR: 1990 races listed as 0 - corrected to 7 in Update set
  Bobby Allison Racing
  86   Robin Pemberton   Roush Racing
  87   Junior Johnson   Junior Johnson & Associates
  88   Leonard Wood   Wood Brothers Racing
  89   Kenny Bernstein   King Racing
  90   Buddy Baker   Baker-Schiff Racing
  91   Patty Moise   A.G. Dillard Racing
  92   Elton Sawyer   A.G. Dillard Racing
  93   Bob Whitcomb   Whitcomb Racing
  94   Terry Labonte ERR
ERR: Stats for Top 10's in 1990 is 8 - corrected in Update set with a different photo
  Precision Products Racing
  95   Raymond Beadle   Blue Max Racing
  96   Kirk Shelmerdine   Richard Childress Racing
  97   Chuck Bown ERR
ERR: Poles for 1990 listed as 4 - corrected to 6 in Update set
  HVP Motorsports
  98   Jimmy Spencer
Pictured in Heinz uniform - changed in Update set to Banquet uniform
  Travis Carter Enterprises
  99   Bobby Hillin   Moroso Performance
  100   Rob Moroso ERR, ROY
ERR: Race Totals = 25 - corrected in Update set
  Moroso Performance


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