1992 Traks ASA


  1   Josh DuVall  
  2   Glenn Allen Jr.   Francis Engineering
  3   Mike Eddy & Crew   Eddy Racing
  4   Mike Eddy   Eddy Racing
  5   Pat Schauer  
  6   Tim Fedewa   D-R Racing
  7   Tom Jones   TJ Racing
  8   Tony Raines   ETR Racing
  9   Jay Sauter   K-Cee Motorsports
  10   Jeff Neal   Neal Racing
  11   Terry Baldry   St. Clair Racing
  12   Dennis Lampman   Lampman Motorsports
  13   Rusty Wallace   Rusty Wallace Racing
  14   Johnny Benson Jr.   Throop Motorsports
  15   Bob Senneker Crew   Throop Motorsports
  16   Bob Senneker   Throop Motorsports
  17   Dean South   C&S Racing
  18   John Wilson   Wilson Racing
  19   Bruce VanderLaan   McGowan Racing
  20   Dave Jackson   Dajak
  21   Chris Weiss   K-Cee Motorsports
  22   Tim Fedewa   D-R Racing
  23   Butch Fedewa   D-R Racing
  24   Gary St.Amant   St. Amant Motorsports
  25   Bud St. Amant   St. Amant Motorsports
  26   Dave Jackson   Dajak
  27   Glenn Allen Sr.   Francis Engineering
  28   Tom Harrington   Harrington Racing
  29   Dennis Vogel   Vogel Brothers Racing
  30   Field of Dreams  
  31   Mario "Chip" Caputo   Throop Motorsports
  32   Kenny Wallace   Rusty Wallace Racing
  33   Dick Trickle  
  34   Butch Miller  
  35   Scott Hansen   Baker Motor Sports
  36   Alan Kulwicki   AK Racing
  37   Jim Sauter Car  
  38   Bobby Allison   Bobby Allison Racing
  39   Davey Allison  
  40   Jimmy Fennig  
  41   Mark Martin  
  42   Darrell Waltrip  
  43   Harold Fair Sr.   Fair Racing
  44   Kenny Adams   Francis Engineering
  45   Kent Stauffer   Stauffer Racing
  46   Dave Taylor   Throop Motorsports
  47   Terry Baker   Baker Motor Sports
  48   Howie Lettow   Baker Motor Sports
  49   Harold Alan Fair Jr.   Neal Racing
  50   Ted Musgrave  
  NNO   Souvenir Order Form Card  

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