1978-79 Topps


  1   Mike Bossy HL   New York Islanders
  2   Phil Esposito HL   New York Rangers
  3   Guy Lafleur HL   Montreal Canadiens
  4   Darryl Sittler HL   Toronto Maple Leafs
  5   Garry Unger HL   St. Louis Blues
  6   Gary Edwards   Minnesota North Stars
  7   Rick Blight   Vancouver Canucks
  8   Larry Patey   St. Louis Blues
  9   Craig Ramsay   Buffalo Sabres
  10   Bryan Trottier AS1   New York Islanders
  11   Don Murdoch   New York Rangers
  12   Phil Russell   Chicago Blackhawks
  13   Doug Jarvis   Montreal Canadiens
  14   Gene Carr   Pittsburgh Penguins
  15   Bernie Parent   Philadelphia Flyers
  16   Perry Miller   Detroit Red Wings
  17   Kent-Erik Andersson RC   Minnesota North Stars
  18   Gregg Sheppard   Boston Bruins
  19   Dennis Owchar   Colorado Rockies
  20   Rogatien Vachon   Los Angeles Kings
  21   Dan Maloney   Toronto Maple Leafs
  22   Guy Charron   Washington Capitals
  23   Dick Redmond   Atlanta Flames
  24   Checklist: 1-132 CL  
  25   Anders Hedberg   New York Rangers
  26   Mel Bridgman   Philadelphia Flyers
  27   Lee Fogolin   Buffalo Sabres
  28   Gilles Meloche   Minnesota North Stars
  29   Garry Howatt   New York Islanders
  30   Darryl Sittler AS2   Toronto Maple Leafs
  31   Curt Bennett   St. Louis Blues
  32   Andre St. Laurent   Detroit Red Wings
  33   Blair Chapman   Pittsburgh Penguins
  34   Keith Magnuson   Chicago Blackhawks
  35   Pierre Larouche   Montreal Canadiens
  36   Michel Plasse   Colorado Rockies
  37   Gary Sargent   Los Angeles Kings
  38   Mike Walton   St. Louis Blues
  39   Robert Picard RC   Washington Capitals
  40   Terry O'Reilly AS2   Boston Bruins
  41   Dave Farrish   New York Rangers
  42   Gary McAdam   Buffalo Sabres
  43   Joe Watson   Philadelphia Flyers
  44   Yves Belanger   Atlanta Flames
  45   Steve Jensen   Minnesota North Stars
  46   Bob Stewart   Minnesota North Stars
  47   Darcy Rota   Chicago Blackhawks
  48   Dennis Hextall   Detroit Red Wings
  49   Bert Marshall   New York Islanders
  50   Ken Dryden AS1   Montreal Canadiens
  51   Pete Mahovlich   Pittsburgh Penguins
  52   Dennis Ververgaert   Vancouver Canucks
  53   Inge Hammarstrom   St. Louis Blues
  54   Doug Favell   Colorado Rockies
  55   Steve Vickers   New York Rangers
  56   Syl Apps   Los Angeles Kings
  57   Errol Thompson   Detroit Red Wings
  58   Don Luce   Buffalo Sabres
  59   Mike Milbury   Boston Bruins
  60   Yvan Cournoyer   Montreal Canadiens
  61   Kirk Bowman   Chicago Blackhawks
  62   Billy Smith   New York Islanders
  63   1977-78 Goal Leaders (Guy Lafleur / Mike Bossy / Steve Shutt) LL   Montreal Canadiens/ New York Islanders / Montreal Canadiens
  64   1977-78 Assist Leaders (Bryan Trottier / Guy Lafleur / Darryl Sittler) LL, UER
UER: Name misspelled "Brian" on front
  New York Islanders / Montreal Canadiens / Toronto Maple Leafs
  65   1977-78 Scoring Leaders (Guy Lafleur / Bryan Trottier / Darryl Sittler) LL, UER
UER: Name misspelled "Brian" on front
  Montreal Canadiens / New York islanders / Toronto Maple Leafs
  66   1977-78 Penalty Minute Leaders (Dave Schultz / Dave Williams / Dennis Polonich) LL   Pittsburgh Penguins / Toronto Maple Leafs / Detroit Red Wings
  67   1977-78 Power Play Goal Leaders (Mike Bossy / Phil Esposito / Steve Shutt) LL   New York Islanders / New York Rangers / Montreal Canadiens
  68   1977-78 Goals Against Average Leaders (Ken Dryden / Bernie Parent / Gilles Gilbert) LL   Montreal Canadiens / Philadelphia Flyers / Boston Bruins
  69   1977-78 Game Winning Goal Leaders (Guy Lafleur / Bill Barber / Darryl Sittler / Bob Bourne) LL   Montreal Canadiens / Philadelphia Flyers / Toronto Maple Leafs / New York Islanders
  70   1977-78 Shutout Leaders (Bernie Parent / Ken Dryden / Don Edwards / Tony Esposito / Mike Palmateer) LL   Philadelphia Flyers / Montreal Canadiens / Buffalo Sabres / Chicago Blackhawks / Toronto Maple Leafs
  71   Bob Kelly   Philadelphia Flyers
  72   Ron Stackhouse   Pittsburgh Penguins
  73   Wayne Dillon   New York Rangers
  74   Jim Rutherford   Detroit Red Wings
  75   Stan Mikita   Chicago Blackhawks
  76   Bob Gainey   Montreal Canadiens
  77   Gerry Hart   New York Islanders
  78   Lanny McDonald   Toronto Maple Leafs
  79   Brad Park   Boston Bruins
  80   Rick Martin   Buffalo Sabres
  81   Bernie Wolfe   Washington Capitals
  82   Bob MacMillan   Atlanta Flames
  83   Brad Maxwell RC   Minnesota North Stars
  84   Mike Fidler   Minnesota North Stars
  85   Carol Vadnais   New York Rangers
  86   Don Lever   Vancouver Canucks
  87   Phil Myre   St. Louis Blues
  88   Paul Gardner   Colorado Rockies
  89   Bob Murray   Chicago Blackhawks
  90   Guy Lafleur AS1   Montreal Canadiens
  91   Bob Murdoch   Los Angeles Kings
  92   Ron Ellis   Toronto Maple Leafs
  93   Jude Drouin   New York Islanders
  94   Jocelyn Guevremont   Buffalo Sabres
  95   Gilles Gilbert UER
UER: Listed as Center on front, should be Goalie
  Boston Bruins
  96   Bob Sirois   Washington Capitals
  97   Tom Lysiak   Atlanta Flames
  98   Andre Dupont   Philadelphia Flyers
  99   Per-Olov Brasar RC   Minnesota North Stars
  100   Phil Esposito   New York Rangers


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