2013 The Spoils Shade of the Devoured Emperor


  NNO   Ancient and Disreputable Law Office  
  NNO   Auspicious Arrival  
  NNO   Barracks of Precipitancy  
  NNO   Bottlebeard Brandyshanks  
  NNO   Cicibeo the Swift  
  NNO   Clockman Skydocks  
  NNO   Contiguous Defalcating Machine  
  NNO   Draconic Luteoderm Suit  
  NNO   EPM (Extra Powerful Magnetic) Pulse  
  NNO   Eustace Padamose-Gristwalter  
  NNO   Expedition Endeavour  
  NNO   Flaming Cube  
  NNO   Gang Weapon Dealer  
  NNO   Gigantitect's Giant Giant  
  NNO   Gloamspike-Gosche Bridge  
  NNO   Golden Charm  
  NNO   Hassan-i of Thabbash  
  NNO   Jo Ciendeilio, M07h3r 0f 1337  
  NNO   Man Shark  
  NNO   Marauding Madster  
  NNO   Mr. Fetch  
  NNO   Murderous Kleptomaniac  
  NNO   Parkour Hoodlum  
  NNO   Rocket Lawnchair  
  NNO   Rudo Mangod, Dragonweight Champion  
  NNO   Runic Junker  
  NNO   Shade of the Devoured Emperor  
  NNO   Sharpey Pointy Lethal Army Tool  
  NNO   Shriever Breeding Program  
  NNO   Siluriformes Flaxenscale  
  NNO   Study Disturbance  
  NNO   Surreptitious Larceny  
  NNO   Tedious TriAdic Truculence  
  NNO   Testudine Autoframe  
  NNO   The Lugubrian Council of Quotidian Affairs  
  NNO   Torchlight District  
  NNO   Undevoted Gargantuan  
  NNO   Unexpected Codicil  
  NNO   Ursine Assassin  
  NNO   Words of Glory  
  NNO   5n4p  
  NNO   Accumulation Majig  
  NNO   Anxious Imp  
  NNO   Banana Peel  
  NNO   Battle-Ready Back-Breaker  
  NNO   Bloating Bask  
  NNO   Bloody Fisted Fanatic  
  NNO   Bug Bite  
  NNO   Concentriculation  
  NNO   Confrontational Conflagration  
  NNO   Contractual Execution  
  NNO   Discordant Cadencer  
  NNO   Drive By Boobing  
  NNO   Duelist of Surfeit  
  NNO   Elementary Elemental  
  NNO   Elitistmajig  
  NNO   Elusive Wolf  
  NNO   Fallen Quarter-Finalist  
  NNO   Fistfight  
  NNO   Gassy Gastornis  
  NNO   Guileful Astucion  
  NNO   Impressionistic Furball  
  NNO   Industrious Usage  
  NNO   Juice Closet  
  NNO   Juice Sale!  
  NNO   Lugubrian Poacher  
  NNO   M3CHm4n1c 31f  
  NNO   Mau Strategist  
  NNO   Micromajig Recycling Station  
  NNO   Micromajigmakermachinemajig  
  NNO   Mittens of Muffled Thought  
  NNO   Mushroom Merchant  
  NNO   Negotiation Ceremonies  
  NNO   Neuralyzer Agent  
  NNO   Numba 1 Stunna!  
  NNO   Pwny Bomb  
  NNO   Quotidian Concealer  
  NNO   Quotidian Transposition  
  NNO   Reluctant Reconciliation  
  NNO   Sickened Sarcophyle  
  NNO   Swindle  
  NNO   Thabbashite Armorer  
  NNO   Thabbashite Assailant  
  NNO   Thabbashite Financier  
  NNO   Time to Retire  
  NNO   Timid Mau  
  NNO   Totally Random Kid  
  NNO   Underhanded Hang-Out  
  NNO   Underwhelming Performance  
  NNO   Warbeast of Thabbash  
  NNO   6r4wny 60dy9u4rd5  
  NNO   Abandoned Testing Complex  
  NNO   Arcane Escrow  
  NNO   Audacious Appraisal  
  NNO   B.A.S.E. Jump  
  NNO   Backdoor Brigand  
  NNO   Carnival Ringmaster  
  NNO   Clockman City Shuffle  
  NNO   Clockman Junk Picker  
  NNO   Drill Instructor  


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