1990 Score


  198   Jim Sweeney   New York Jets
  199   Rich Karlis
UER: No comma between birth day and year
  Minnesota Vikings
  200   Jerry Rice   San Francisco 49ers
  201   Dan Hampton
UER: Back says DE SB DT
  Chicago Bears
  202   Jim Lachey   Washington Redskins
  203   Reggie White   Philadelphia Eagles
  204   Jerry Ball   Detroit Lions
  205   Russ Grimm   Washington Redskins
  206   Tim Green RC   Atlanta Falcons
  207   Shawn Collins   Atlanta Falcons
  208a   Ralf Mojsiejenko ERR
ERR: "Chargers" listed as Team in Stats
  Washington Redskins
  208b   Ralf Mojsiejenko COR
COR: "Redskins" listed as Team in Stats
  Washington Redskins
  209   Trace Armstrong   Chicago Bears
  210   Keith Jackson   Philadelphia Eagles
  211   Jamie Holland   San Diego Chargers
  212   Mark Clayton   Miami Dolphins
  213   Jeff Cross   Miami Dolphins
  214   Bob Gagliano   Detroit Lions
  215   Louis Oliver
UER: Text says played at Miami, should be Florida
  Miami Dolphins
  216   Jim Arnold   Detroit Lions
  217   Robert Clark RC   Detroit Lions
  218   Gill Byrd   San Diego Chargers
  219   Rodney Peete   Detroit Lions
  220   Anthony Miller   San Diego Chargers
  221   Steve Grogan   New England Patriots
  222   Vince Newsome RC   Los Angeles Rams
  223   Tom Benson RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  224   Kevin Murphy   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  225   Henry Ellard   Los Angeles Rams
  226   Richard Johnson   Detroit Lions
  227   Jim Skow   Cincinnati Bengals
  228   Keith Jones   Atlanta Falcons
  229   Dave Brown   Green Bay Packers
  230   Marcus Allen   Los Angeles Raiders
  231   Steve Walsh   Dallas Cowboys
  232   Jim Harbaugh   Chicago Bears
  233   Mel Gray   Detroit Lions
  234   David Treadwell   Denver Broncos
  235   John Offerdahl   Miami Dolphins
  236   Gary Reasons   New York Giants
  237   Tim Krumrie   Cincinnati Bengals
  238   Dave Duerson   Chicago Bears
  239   Gary Clark UER
UER: Stats read 1988, not 1989
  Washington Redskins
  240   Mark Jackson   Denver Broncos
  241   Mark Murphy   Green Bay Packers
  242   Jerry Holmes RC   Detroit Lions
  243   Tim McGee   Cincinnati Bengals
  244   Mike Tomczak   Chicago Bears
  245   Sterling Sharpe
UER: Broke 47 yard old record should be "year"
  Green Bay Packers
  246   Bennie Blades   Detroit Lions
  247   Ken Harvey RC, UER
UER: Sacks and fumble recovery listings switched; disappointing misspelled
  Phoenix Cardinals
  248   Ron Heller   Philadelphia Eagles
  249   Louis Lipps   Pittsburgh Steelers
  250   Wade Wilson   Minnesota Vikings
  251   Freddie Joe Nunn   Phoenix Cardinals
  252   Jerome Brown UER
UER: bio text "...and a fumble recovery." refers to 1 recovery, he had 2
  Philadelphia Eagles
  253   Myron Guyton   New York Giants
  254   Nate Odomes RC   Buffalo Bills
  255   Rod Woodson   Pittsburgh Steelers
  256   Cornelius Bennett   Buffalo Bills
  257   Keith Woodside   Green Bay Packers
  258   Jeff Uhlenhake
UER: Text calls him "Ron"
  Miami Dolphins
  259   Harry Hamilton   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  260   Mark Bavaro   New York Giants
  261   Vinny Testaverde   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  262   Steve DeBerg   Kansas City Chiefs
  263   Steve Wisniewski
UER: Was drafted by Dallas not the Raiders
  Los Angeles Raiders
  264   Pete Mandley   Kansas City Chiefs
  265   Tim Harris   Green Bay Packers
  266   Jack Trudeau   Indianapolis Colts
  267   Mark Kelso   Buffalo Bills
  268   Brian Noble   Green Bay Packers
  269   Jessie Tuggle RC   Atlanta Falcons
  270   Ken O'Brien   New York Jets
  271   David Little   Pittsburgh Steelers
  272   Pete Stoyanovich   Miami Dolphins
  273   Odessa Turner RC   New York Giants
  274   Anthony Toney   Philadelphia Eagles
  275   Tunch Ilkin   Pittsburgh Steelers
  276   Carl Lee   Minnesota Vikings
  277   Hart Lee Dykes   New England Patriots
  278   Al Noga   Minnesota Vikings
  279   Greg Lloyd   Pittsburgh Steelers
  280   Billy Joe Tolliver   San Diego Chargers
  281   Kirk Lowdermilk   Minnesota Vikings
  282   Earl Ferrell   Phoenix Cardinals
  283   Eric Sievers RC   New England Patriots
  284   Steve Jordan   Minnesota Vikings
  285   Burt Grossman   San Diego Chargers
  286   Johnny Rembert   New England Patriots
  287   Jeff Jaeger RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  288   James Hasty   New York Jets
  289   Tony Mandarich DP   Green Bay Packers
  290   Chris Singleton RC   Arizona Wildcats
  291   Lynn James RC   Arizona State Sun Devils
  292   Andre Ware RC   Houston Cougars
  293   Ray Agnew RC   NC State Wolfpack
  294   Joel Smeenge RC   Western Michigan Broncos
  295   Marc Spindler RC   Pittsburgh Panthers
  296   Renaldo Turnbull RC   West Virginia Mountaineers


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