1966 Topps


  1   Tom Addison   Boston Patriots
  2   Houston Antwine   Boston Patriots
  3   Nick Buoniconti   Boston Patriots
  4   Gino Cappelletti   Boston Patriots
  5   Bob Dee   Boston Patriots
  6   Larry Garron   Boston Patriots
  7   Art Graham   Boston Patriots
  8   Ron Hall   Boston Patriots
  9   Charles Long   Boston Patriots
  10   Jon Morris   Boston Patriots
  11   Don Oakes   Boston Patriots
  12   Babe Parilli   Boston Patriots
  13   Don Webb   Boston Patriots
  14   Jim Whalen   Boston Patriots
  15   Funny Ring Checklist CL  
  16   Stew Barber   Buffalo Bills
  17   Glenn Bass   Buffalo Bills
  18   Dave Behrman UER
UER: Broncos logo on back
  Buffalo Bills
  19   Al Bemiller   Buffalo Bills
  20   Butch Byrd RC   Buffalo Bills
  21   Wray Carlton   Buffalo Bills
  22   Tom Day   Buffalo Bills
  23   Elbert Dubenion   Buffalo Bills
  24   Jim Dunaway   Buffalo Bills
  25   Dick Hudson   Buffalo Bills
  26   Jack Kemp   Buffalo Bills
  27   Daryle Lamonica   Buffalo Bills
  28   Tom Sestak   Buffalo Bills
  29   Billy Shaw   Buffalo Bills
  30   Mike Stratton   Buffalo Bills
  31   Eldon Danenhauer   Denver Broncos
  32   Cookie Gilchrist   Denver Broncos
  33   Goose Gonsoulin   Denver Broncos
  34   Wendell Hayes RC   Denver Broncos
  35   Abner Haynes   Denver Broncos
  36   Jerry Hopkins   Denver Broncos
  37   Ray Jacobs   Denver Broncos
  38   Charlie Janerette RC   Denver Broncos
  39   Ray Kubala RC   Denver Broncos
  40   John McCormick   Denver Broncos
  41   Leroy Moore RC   Denver Broncos
  42   Bob Scarpitto   Denver Broncos
  43   Mickey Slaughter   Denver Broncos
  44   Jerry Sturm   Denver Broncos
  45   Lionel Taylor   Denver Broncos
  46   Scott Appleton   Houston Oilers
  47   Johnny Baker   Houston Oilers
  48   George Blanda   Houston Oilers
  49   Sid Blanks   Houston Oilers
  50   Danny Brabham   Houston Oilers
  51   Ode Burrell   Houston Oilers
  52   Gary Cutsinger   Houston Oilers
  53   Larry Elkins   Houston Oilers
  54   Don Floyd   Houston Oilers
  55   Willie Frazier RC   Houston Oilers
  56   Freddy Glick RC   Houston Oilers
  57   Charles Hennigan   Houston Oilers
  58   Bobby Jancik   Houston Oilers
  59   Rich Michael   Houston Oilers
  60   Don Trull   Houston Oilers
  61   Checklist: 1-61 CL   Boston Patriots / Buffalo Bills / Denver Broncos / Houston Oilers
  62   Fred Arbanas   Kansas City Chiefs
  63   Pete Beathard   Kansas City Chiefs
  64   Bobby Bell   Kansas City Chiefs
  65   Ed Budde   Kansas City Chiefs
  66   Chris Burford   Kansas City Chiefs
  67   Len Dawson   Kansas City Chiefs
  68   Jon Gilliam   Kansas City Chiefs
  69   Sherrill Headrick   Kansas City Chiefs
  70   E.J. Holub   Kansas City Chiefs
  71   Bobby Hunt   Kansas City Chiefs
  72   Curtis McClinton   Kansas City Chiefs
  73   Jerry Mays   Kansas City Chiefs
  74   Johnny Robinson   Kansas City Chiefs
  75   Otis Taylor RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  76   Tom Erlandson RC   Miami Dolphins
  77   Norman Evans RC   Miami Dolphins
  78   Tom Goode   Miami Dolphins
  79   Mike Hudock   Miami Dolphins
  80   Frank Jackson   Miami Dolphins
  81   Billy Joe   Miami Dolphins
  82   Dave Kocourek   Miami Dolphins
  83   Bo Roberson   Miami Dolphins
  84   Jack Spikes   Miami Dolphins
  85   Jim Warren RC   Miami Dolphins
  86   Willie West RC   Miami Dolphins
  87   Dick Westmoreland   Miami Dolphins
  88   Eddie Wilson   Miami Dolphins
  89   Dick Wood   Miami Dolphins
  90   Verlon Biggs   New York Jets
  91   Sam DeLuca   New York Jets
  92   Winston Hill   New York Jets
  93   Dee Mackey   New York Jets
  94   Bill Mathis   New York Jets
  95   Don Maynard   New York Jets
  96   Joe Namath   New York Jets
  97   Dainard Paulson   New York Jets
  98   Gerry Philbin   New York Jets
  99   Sherman Plunkett   New York Jets
  100   Paul Rochester   New York Jets


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