1998 Sonokong Beast-War


  C-16   Lion Convoy (paper) [라이온콘보이]  
  C-16   Lion Convoy (scissors) [라이온콘보이]  
  D-12   Megastorm (scissors) [에가스통]  
  D-12   Megastorm (rock) [에가스통]  
  D-13   Starscream (rock) [스타스크램]  
  D-13   Starscream [스타스크램]  
  D-16   Galvatron (rock) [갈바트론]  
  D-16   Galvatron (scissors) [갈바트론]  
  D-17   Auto Stinger (scissors) [오토스팅거]  
  D-17   Auto Stinger (paper) [오토스팅거]  
  D-18   Autoslasher (rock) [오토슬래셔]  
  D-18   Autoslasher [오토슬래셔]  
  D-19   Autojet (paper)  
  D-19   Autojet (scissors)  
  D-20   Auto Launcher (scissors) [오토레인쳐]  
  D-20   Auto Launcher (paper) [오토레인쳐]  
  D-22   Giga Storm (paper) [기가스통]  
  D-22   Giga Storm (scissors) [기가스통]  
  X-4   Magna Boss (scissors) [애그나보스]  
  X-4   Magna Boss [애그나보스]  

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