1992-93 Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL)


  1   Archie Milcharek   Dauphin Kings
  2   Mike Temple   Dauphin Kings
  3   Pat Mullin   Dauphin Kings
  4   Jeff Way   Dauphin Kings
  5   Robin Poole   Dauphin Kings
  6   Jon Magarrell   Dauphin Kings
  7   Rostislav Zrnik   Dauphin Kings
  8   Chad Eisner   Dauphin Kings
  9   Tim Klassen   Dauphin Kings
  10   Steve Hogue UER
UER: Hometown misspelled "Lasalle"
  Dauphin Kings
  11   Vladan Stransky   Dauphin Kings
  12   David Byckal ACO   Dauphin Kings
  13   Ken Donaldson   Dauphin Kings
  14   Derek Shuel   Dauphin Kings
  15   Steve Adamski TR   Dauphin Kings
  16   James Palmer   Dauphin Kings
  17   Corey Nybo   Dauphin Kings
  18   Brad Church   Dauphin Kings
  19   Jeff Chetyrbok   Dauphin Kings
  20   Brian Hlady   Dauphin Kings
  21   Kirby Law   Dauphin Kings
  22   Doug Mondor EM   Dauphin Kings
  23   Lyle Stokotelny HC   Dauphin Kings
  24   Bruce Helgeson ACO, UER
UER: Mistakenly labelled "Head Coach" on card
  Dauphin Kings
  25   Barry Little   Neepawa Natives
  26   Kent MacInnis   Neepawa Natives
  27   Kade Potosky   Neepawa Natives
  28   Bret Dunham   Neepawa Natives
  29   Brian Kerkowich ACO   Neepawa Natives
  30   Jerry Davis   Neepawa Natives
  31   Matt Young   Neepawa Natives
  32   Bil LaForge   Neepawa Natives
  33   Bob Birch   Neepawa Natives
  34   Travis Laing   Neepawa Natives
  35   Lee Hellyer   Neepawa Natives
  36   Paul Mandziuk   Neepawa Natives
  37   Greg Trewin   Neepawa Natives
  38   Spencer Platt   Neepawa Natives
  39   Darcy Pengelly   Neepawa Natives
  40   Jason Smith   Neepawa Natives
  41   Craig Martin   Neepawa Natives
  42   Ken Pearson   Neepawa Natives
  43   Vince Love   Neepawa Natives
  44   Jeremy Robinson   Neepawa Natives
  45   Heavy Evason HC   Neepawa Natives
  46   Regan Delaloye   Neepawa Natives
  47   Mike Tyhy   Neepawa Natives
  48   Brian Kerkowich / Heavy Evason TC   Neepawa Natives
  49   Adam Calder   Portage Terriers
  50   Wayne Clyne   Portage Terriers
  51   Ken Dzikowski   Portage Terriers
  52   Kelly Funk   Portage Terriers
  53   Craig Kinney   Portage Terriers
  54   Eric Inman   Portage Terriers
  55   Mike Lehmann   Portage Terriers
  56   Bo Leslie   Portage Terriers
  57   Laird Lidster   Portage Terriers
  58   Ryan Matthews   Portage Terriers
  59   Brent McMillan   Portage Terriers
  60   Drew McRae   Portage Terriers
  61   Derek Meikle   Portage Terriers
  62   George Moir   Portage Terriers
  63   Scott Patterson   Portage Terriers
  64   Jason Pilkington   Portage Terriers
  65   Marcel Pruden   Portage Terriers
  66   Jason Ryden   Portage Terriers
  67   Bill Staples   Portage Terriers
  68   Todd Stefiuk   Portage Terriers
  69   Liam Wheddon   Portage Terriers
  70   Brendon Hollier   Portage Terriers
  71   Curtis Grieve   Portage Terriers
  72   Marshall Kennedy HC   Portage Terriers
  73   Cameron Funk   Selkirk Steelers
  74   Jason Donald   Selkirk Steelers
  75   Gary Stadnek   Selkirk Steelers
  76   Gerry Mazor   Selkirk Steelers
  77   Devin Zimmer   Selkirk Steelers
  78   Al Hares HC   Selkirk Steelers
  79   Kalam Paull   Selkirk Steelers
  80   Chad Zimmerman   Selkirk Steelers
  81   Matt Friesen   Selkirk Steelers
  82   Jason Klippenstein   Selkirk Steelers
  83   Curtis Harms   Selkirk Steelers
  84   Paul Carey   Selkirk Steelers
  85   Jeff Braun   Selkirk Steelers
  86   Joe Caldwell   Selkirk Steelers
  87   Shane Kustra   Selkirk Steelers
  88   Dean Zimmer   Selkirk Steelers
  89   Joey Strongquill   Selkirk Steelers
  90   Wade Klimpke   Selkirk Steelers
  91   Brad Bobrowich   Selkirk Steelers
  92   Scott MacQuarrie   Selkirk Steelers
  93   Paul Augst   Selkirk Steelers
  94   Terry Bland MGR   Selkirk Steelers
  95   Alison Deneweth AT   Selkirk Steelers
  96   Mike Sedik EM   Selkirk Steelers
  97   Mark Davey   Southeast Blades
  98   Craig Soldier   Southeast Blades
  99   Darcy Pelletier   Southeast Blades
  100   Paul Stapleton   Southeast Blades


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