1924 Diaz Cigarros N258


  1   Walter Johnson   Washington Senators
  2   Waite Hoyt   New York Yankees
  3   Grover Alexander   Chicago Cubs
  4   Tom Sheehan   Cincinnati Reds
  5   Pete Donohue   Cincinnati Reds
  6   Herb Pennock   New York Yankees
  7   Dolf Luque   Cincinnati Reds
  8   Carl Mays   Cincinnati Reds
  9   Firpo Marberry   Washington Senators
  10   Red Faber   Chicago White Sox
  11   Bill Piercy   Boston Red Sox
  12   Curt Fullerton   Boston Red Sox
  13   Sloppy Thurston   Chicago White Sox
  14   Rube Walberg   Philadelphia Athletics
  15   Fred Heimach   Philadelphia Athletics
  16   Sherry Smith   Cleveland Indians
  17   Curly Ogden   Philadelphia Athletics
  18   Tiny Osborne UER
UER: Correct spelling is Earnest
  Brooklyn Robins
  19   Dutch Ruether   Brooklyn Robins
  20   Burleigh Grimes   Brooklyn Robins
  21   Joe Genewich   Boston Braves
  22   Vic Aldridge   Chicago Cubs
  23   Arnie Stone   Pittsburgh Pirates
  24   Les Howe   Boston Red Sox
  25   George Murray UER
UER: Misspelled Murry
  Boston Red Sox
  26   Herman Pillette   Detroit Tigers
  27   Johnny Couch   Philadelphia Phillies
  28   Tony Kaufmann   Chicago Cubs
  29   Jakie May   Cincinnati Reds
  30   Howard Ehmke   Boston Red Sox
  31   Bob Hasty   Philadelphia Athletics
  32   Dazzy Vance   Brooklyn Robins
  33   Dixie Leverett   Chicago White Sox
  34   Slim Harriss   Philadelphia Athletics
  35   Paul Schreiber   Brooklyn Robins
  36   Dewey Hinkle   Brooklyn Robins
  37   Rube Yarrison   Brooklyn Robins
  38   Jesse Haines   St. Louis Cardinals
  39   Earl Hamilton   Philadelphia Phillies
  40   Wilbur Cooper   Pittsburgh Pirates
  41   Tom Long   Brooklyn Robins
  42   Alex Ferguson   Boston Red Sox
  43   Buster Ross   Boston Red Sox
  44   Jack Quinn UER
UER: Correct middle initial is P
  Boston Red Sox
  45   Ray Kolp   St. Louis Browns
  46   Art Nehf   New York Giants
  47   Hugh McQuillan   New York Giants
  48   George Uhle   Cleveland Indians
  49   Ed Rommel   Philadelphia Athletics
  50   Ted Lyons   Chicago White Sox
  51   Roy Meeker   Philadelphia Athletics
  52   Johnny Stuart   St. Louis Cardinals
  53   Joe Oeschger   New York Giants
  54   Wayland Dean   New York Giants
  55   Guy Morton   Cleveland Indians
  56   Bill Doak   St. Louis Cardinals
  57   Jeff Pfeffer   St. Louis Cardinals
  58   Sam Gray   Philadelphia Athletics
  59   Lou North   St. Louis Cardinals
  60   Godfrey Brogan   New York Giants
  61   Jimmy Ring   Philadelphia Phillies
  62   Rube Marquard   Boston Braves
  63   Bert Lewis   Philadelphia Phillies
  64   Dutch Henry   Brooklyn Robins
  65   Dennis Burns   Philadelphia Athletics
  66   Rollie Naylor UER
UER: Correct spelling is Roleine
  Philadelphia Athletics
  67   Walt Huntzinger   New York Giants
  68   Stan Baumgartner   Philadelphia Athletics
  69   Virgil Barnes   New York Giants
  70   Clarence Mitchell   Philadelphia Phillies
  71   Lee Meadows   Pittsburgh Pirates
  72   Whitey Glazner UER
UER: Misspelled Clazner
  Philadelphia Phillies
  73   Jesse Barnes   Boston Braves
  74   Sam Jones   New York Yankees
  75   Dinty Gearin   New York Giants
  76   Tom Zachary   Washington Senators
  77   Larry Benton   Boston Braves
  78   Jesse Winters UER
UER: Misspelled Jess F. Winter
  Philadelphia Phillies
  79   Red Ruffing   Boston Red Sox
  80   Johnny Cooney   Boston Braves
  81   Joe Bush UER
UER: Correct middle initial is A
  New York Yankees
  82   Bill Harris   Cincinnati Reds
  83   Joe Shaute   Cleveland Indians
  84   George Pipgras   New York Yankees
  85   Eppa Rixey   Cincinnati Reds
  86   Bill Sherdel   St. Louis Cardinals
  87   Rube Benton   Cincinnati Reds
  88   Art Decatur   Brooklyn Robins
  89   Harry Shriver   Brooklyn Robins
  90   Johnny Morrison   Pittsburgh Pirates
  91   Huck Betts   Philadelphia Phillies
  92   Oscar Roettger   New York Yankees
  93   Bob Shawkey   New York Yankees
  94   Mike Cvengros   Chicago White Sox
  95   Leo Dickerman   Brooklyn Robins
  96   Lefty Weinert   Philadelphia Phillies
  97   Nick Dumovich   Chicago Cubs
  98   Herb McQuaid   Cincinnati Reds
  99   Tim McNamara   Boston Braves
  100   Allen Russell   Washington Senators


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