2007 Bowman Chrome - Prospects

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#BC111-BC220 inserted two per pack. #BC221-BC256 inserted 1:29 Hobby packs and 1:59 Retail packs. Cards are numbered #BC111-BC256 as a continuation of the 2007 Bowman insert set, which ended at #BC110.

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2007 Bowman Chrome



  BC111   Mike Carp   New York Mets
  BC112   Gregory Porter   Los Angeles Angels
  BC113   Joe Ness   Cleveland Indians
  BC114   Matt Camp   Chicago Cubs
  BC115   Carlos Fisher   Cincinnati Reds
  BC116   Bryan Bass   Baltimore Orioles
  BC117   Jeff Baisley   Oakland Athletics
  BC118   Burke Badenhop   Detroit Tigers
  BC119   Grant Psomas   Florida Marlins
  BC120   Eric Young Jr.   Colorado Rockies
  BC121   Henry Rodriguez   Oakland Athletics
  BC122   Carlos Fernandez-Oliva   Boston Red Sox
  BC123   Chris Errecart   Milwaukee Brewers
  BC124   Brandon Hynick   Colorado Rockies
  BC125   Jose Constanza   Cleveland Indians
  BC126   Steve Delabar   San Diego Padres
  BC127   Raul Barron   Toronto Blue Jays
  BC128   Nick DeBarr   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  BC129   Reegie Corona   New York Yankees
  BC130   Thomas Fairchild   Houston Astros
  BC131   Bryan Byrne   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BC132   Kurt Mertins   Kansas City Royals
  BC133   Erik Averill   Detroit Tigers
  BC134   Matt Young   Atlanta Braves
  BC135   Ryan Rogowski   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BC136   Andrew Bailey   Oakland Athletics
  BC137   Jonathan Van Every   Cleveland Indians
  BC138   Scott Shoemaker   Boston Red Sox
  BC139   Steve Singleton   Minnesota Twins
  BC140   Mitch Atkins   Chicago Cubs
  BC141   Robert Rohrbaugh   Seattle Mariners
  BC142   Ole Sheldon   Houston Astros
  BC143   Adam Ricks   Chicago White Sox
  BC144   Daniel Mayora   Colorado Rockies
  BC145   Johnny Cueto   Cincinnati Reds
  BC146   James Fasano   Texas Rangers
  BC147   Jared Goedert   Cleveland Indians
  BC148   Jonathan Ash   Houston Astros
  BC149   Derek Miller   Milwaukee Brewers
  BC150   Juan Miranda   New York Yankees
  BC151   J.R. Mathes   Chicago Cubs
  BC152   Craig Cooper   San Diego Padres
  BC153   Drew Locke   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BC154   Michael MacDonald   Toronto Blue Jays
  BC155   Ryan Norwood   Chicago Cubs
  BC156   Tony Butler   Seattle Mariners
  BC157   Pat Dobson   San Francisco Giants
  BC158   Cody Ehlers   New York Yankees
  BC159   Dan Fournier   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BC160   Joe Gaetti   Colorado Rockies
  BC161   Mark Wagner   Boston Red Sox
  BC162   Tommy Hanson   Atlanta Braves
  BC163   Sharlon Schoop   San Francisco Giants
  BC164   Woods Fines   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  BC165   Chad Boyd   Oakland Athletics
  BC166   Kala Ka'aihue   Atlanta Braves
  BC167   Chris Salamida   Houston Astros
  BC168   Brendan Katin   Milwaukee Brewers
  BC169   Terrance Blunt   Texas Rangers
  BC170   Tobi Stoner
UER: born in Landstuhl Germany; not Oakland MD
  New York Mets
  BC171   Phil Coke   New York Yankees
  BC172   O.D. Gonzalez   Kansas City Royals
  BC173   Christopher Cody   Detroit Tigers
  BC174   Cedric Hunter   San Diego Padres
  BC175   Whit Robbins   Minnesota Twins
  BC176   Chris Begg   San Francisco Giants
  BC177   Nathan Southard   St. Louis Cardinals
  BC178   Dan Brauer   Philadelphia Phillies
  BC179   Jared Keel   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BC180   Chance Douglass   Houston Astros
  BC181   Daniel Murphy   New York Mets
  BC182   Anthony Hatch   Toronto Blue Jays
  BC183   Justin Byler   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BC184   Scott Lewis   Cleveland Indians
  BC185   Andrew Fie   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BC186   Chorye Spoone   Baltimore Orioles
  BC187   Cole Bruce   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BC188   Adam Cowart   San Francisco Giants
  BC189   Chris Nowak   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  BC190   Gorkys Hernandez   Detroit Tigers
  BC191   Devin Ivany   Washington Nationals
  BC192   Jordan Smith   Cincinnati Reds
  BC193   Philip Britton   Atlanta Braves
  BC194   Cole Gillespie   Milwaukee Brewers
  BC195   Brett Anderson   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BC196   Joe Mather   St. Louis Cardinals
  BC197   Eddie Degerman   St. Louis Cardinals
  BC198   Ronald Prettyman   Seattle Mariners
  BC199   Patrick Reilly   Los Angeles Angels
  BC200   Tyler Clippard   New York Yankees
  BC201   Nick Van Stratten   Kansas City Royals
  BC202   Todd Redmond   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BC203   Michael Martinez   Washington Nationals
  BC204   Alberto Bastardo   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BC205   Vasili Spanos   Oakland Athletics
  BC206   Shane Benson   Toronto Blue Jays
  BC207   Brent Johnson   Seattle Mariners
  BC208   Brett Campbell   Washington Nationals
  BC209   Dustin Martin   New York Mets
  BC210   Chris Carter   Chicago White Sox


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