1957-58 Topps


  1   Nat Clifton RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  2   George Yardley RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  3   Neil Johnston RC, DP   Philadelphia Warriors
  4   Carl Braun DP   New York Knicks
  5   Bill Sharman RC, DP   Boston Celtics
  6   George King RC, DP   Cincinnati Royals
  7   Kenny Sears RC, DP   New York Knicks
  8   Dick Ricketts RC, DP   Cincinnati Royals
  9   Jack Nichols DP   Boston Celtics
  10   Paul Arizin RC, DP   Philadelphia Warriors
  11   Chuck Noble DP   Detroit Pistons
  12   Slater Martin RC, DP   St. Louis Hawks
  13   Dolph Schayes RC, DP   Syracuse Nationals
  14   Dick Atha DP   Detroit Pistons
  15   Frank Ramsey RC, DP   Boston Celtics
  16   Dick McGuire RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  17   Bob Cousy RC, DP   Boston Celtics
  18   Larry Foust RC, DP   Minneapolis Lakers
  19   Tom Heinsohn RC   Boston Celtics
  20   Bill Thieben   Detroit Pistons
  21   Don Meineke RC, DP   Cincinnati Royals
  22   Tom Marshall   Cincinnati Royals
  23   Dick Garmaker   Minneapolis Lakers
  24   Bob Pettit RC, QP   St. Louis Hawks
  25   Jim Krebs RC, DP   Minneapolis Lakers
  26   Gene Shue RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  27   Ed Macauley RC, DP   St. Louis Hawks
  28   Vern Mikkelsen RC   Minneapolis Lakers
  29   Willie Naulls RC   New York Knicks
  30   Walter Dukes RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  31   Dave Piontek DP   Cincinnati Royals
  32   John Kerr RC   Syracuse Nationals
  33   Larry Costello RC, DP   Syracuse Nationals
  34   Woody Sauldsberry RC, DP   Philadelphia Warriors
  35   Ray Felix RC   New York Knicks
  36   Ernie Beck   Philadelphia Warriors
  37   Cliff Hagan RC   St. Louis Hawks
  38   Guy Sparrow DP   New York Knicks
  39   Jim Loscutoff RC   Boston Celtics
  40   Arnie Risen DP   Boston Celtics
  41   Joe Graboski   Philadelphia Warriors
  42   Maurice Stokes RC, DP   Cincinnati Royals
  43   Rod Hundley RC, DP   Minneapolis Lakers
  44   Tom Gola RC, DP   Philadelphia Warriors
  45   Med Park RC   St. Louis Hawks
  46   Mel Hutchins DP   New York Knicks
  47   Larry Friend DP   New York Knicks
  48   Lennie Rosenbluth RC, DP   Philadelphia Warriors
  49   Walt Davis   Philadelphia Warriors
  50   Richie Regan RC   Cincinnati Royals
  51   Frank Selvy RC, DP   St. Louis Hawks
  52   Art Spoelstra DP   Minneapolis Lakers
  53   Bob Hopkins RC   Syracuse Nationals
  54   Earl Lloyd RC   Syracuse Nationals
  55   Phil Jordon DP, UER
UER: Last name spelled "Jordan" on back.
  New York Knicks
  56   Bob Houbregs RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  57   Lou Tsioropoulos DP   Boston Celtics
  58   Ed Conlin RC   Syracuse Nationals
  59   Al Bianchi RC   Syracuse Nationals
  60   George Dempsey RC   Philadelphia Warriors
  61   Chuck Share   St. Louis Hawks
  62   Harry Gallatin RC, DP   Detroit Pistons
  63   Bob Harrison   Syracuse Nationals
  64   Bob Burrow DP   Minneapolis Lakers
  65   Win Wilfong DP   St. Louis Hawks
  66   Jack McMahon RC, DP   St. Louis Hawks
  67   Jack George   Philadelphia Warriors
  68   Charlie Tyra DP   New York Knicks
  69   Ron Sobie   New York Knicks
  70   Jack Coleman   St. Louis Hawks
  71   Jack Twyman RC, DP   Cincinnati Royals
  72   Paul Seymour RC   Syracuse Nationals
  73   Jim Paxson RC   Cincinnati Royals
  74   Bob Leonard RC   Minneapolis Lakers
  75   Andy Phillip   Boston Celtics
  76   Joe Holup   Syracuse Nationals
  77   Bill Russell RC   Boston Celtics
  78   Clyde Lovellette RC, DP   Cincinnati Royals
  79   Ed Fleming DP   Minneapolis Lakers
  80   Dick Schnittker RC   Minneapolis Lakers

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