2002 JOGO


  1   Marcus Crandell   Calgary Stampeders
  2   Scott Regimbald   Calgary Stampeders
  3   Aldi Henry   Calgary Stampeders
  4   Jayson Bray   Calgary Stampeders
  5   Da'Shann Austin   Calgary Stampeders
  6   Raymonn Adams   Calgary Stampeders
  7   William Fields   Calgary Stampeders
  8   Greg Frers   Calgary Stampeders
  9   Willie Fells   Calgary Stampeders
  10   Duncan O'Mahony   Calgary Stampeders
  11   Kamau Peterson   Calgary Stampeders
  12   Jeff Pilon   Calgary Stampeders
  13   Scott Deibert   Calgary Stampeders
  14   Dave Heasman   Calgary Stampeders
  15   Alondra Johnson   Calgary Stampeders
  16   James Burgess   Calgary Stampeders
  17   Kevin Feterik   Calgary Stampeders
  18   Ibrahim Tounkara   Calgary Stampeders
  19   Don Blair   Calgary Stampeders
  20   Bobby Singh   Calgary Stampeders
  21   Sean Spender   Montreal Alouettes
  22   Kevin Johnson   Montreal Alouettes
  23   Kevin Lefsrud   Montreal Alouettes
  24   Uzo Okeke   Montreal Alouettes
  25   Stefen Reid   Montreal Alouettes
  26   Reginald Durden   Montreal Alouettes
  27   William Loftus   Montreal Alouettes
  28   Bryan Chiu   Montreal Alouettes
  29   Stephane Fortin   Montreal Alouettes
  30   Scott Flory   Montreal Alouettes
  31   Keith Stokes   Montreal Alouettes
  32   Mat Petz   Montreal Alouettes
  33   Wayne Shaw   Montreal Alouettes
  34   Barron Miles   Montreal Alouettes
  35   Reggie Lowe   Montreal Alouettes
  36   Marc L. Megna   Montreal Alouettes
  37   Rob Brown   Montreal Alouettes
  38   Chris Jones CO   Montreal Alouettes
  39   Don Matthews CO   Montreal Alouettes
  40   Ricky Ray   Edmonton Eskimos
  41   Chris Hardy   Edmonton Eskimos
  42   Sheldon Benoit   Edmonton Eskimos
  43   Thomas A. Haskins   Edmonton Eskimos
  44   Fabian Burke   Edmonton Eskimos
  45   Tim Prinsen   Edmonton Eskimos
  46   Rick Walters   Edmonton Eskimos
  47   Elfrid Payton   Edmonton Eskimos
  48   A.J. Gass   Edmonton Eskimos
  49   Jackie Kellogg   Edmonton Eskimos
  50   Jason Maas   Edmonton Eskimos
  51   Wade Miller   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  52   Mike Sutherland   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  53   Bob Cameron   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  54   Brian Clark   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  55   Jamie Stoddard   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  56   Moe Elewonibi   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  57   Milton Stegall   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  58   Khari Jones   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  59   Dave Mudge   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  60   Wayne Weathers   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  61   Steve Alexandre   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  62   Mace Freeman   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  63   Chris Shelling   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  64   Randy Bowles   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  65   Pascal Cheron   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  66   Brandon Hamilton   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  67   Andrew Grigg   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  68   Sean Woodson   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  69   Daaron McField   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  70   Danny McManus   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  71   Jamie Taras   British Columbia Lions
  72   Jason Clermont   British Columbia Lions
  73   Steve Hardin   British Columbia Lions
  74   Cory Mantyka   British Columbia Lions
  75   Tony Martino   British Columbia Lions
  76   Dan Payne   British Columbia Lions
  77   Matt Kellett   British Columbia Lions
  78   Geroy Simon   British Columbia Lions
  79   Damon Allen   British Columbia Lions
  80   Mike Fletcher   Toronto Argonauts
  81   Mike Morreale   Toronto Argonauts
  82   Bruno Heppell   Montreal Alouettes
  83   Joe Montford   Toronto Argonauts
  84   Derrell Mitchell   Toronto Argonauts
  85   Jude St. John   Toronto Argonauts
  86   Mike O'Shea   Toronto Argonauts
  87   Johnny Scott   Toronto Argonauts
  88   Orlondo Steinauer   Toronto Argonauts
  89   Adrion Smith   Toronto Argonauts
  90   Chad Folk   Toronto Argonauts
  91   Jeremy O'Day   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  92   Jason A. Mallett   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  93   Nealon Greene   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  94   Simon Baffoe   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  95   Dylan Ching   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  96   Reggie Hunt   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  97   Paul McCallum   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  98   Danny Barrett CO   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  99   Mike Abou-Mechrek   Ottawa Renegades
  100   Seth Dittman   Ottawa Renegades


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