1991 Eclipse Savings & Loan Scandal


  1   Ronald Reagan
The Banking Bandits
  2   The Garn-St. Germain Act
Credit Unlimited
  3   Pat Nolan
A New Deal
  4   Michael Milken
The Junk Bond King
  5   Mario Renda
Tapdancer from Hell
  6   Herman K. Beebe / Edwin Edwards
A Man of Influence
  7   John Connally / Ben Barnes
Southern Hospitality
  8   Don Dixon
A Present for the Pope
  9   Edwin McBirney III
Party Animal
  10   Charles Bazarian
Dustbowl Financier
  11   Erwin Hansen
California Scheming
  12   Duayne Christensen
Eternal Dental Care
  13   Barry Munitz
The Grove of Academe
  14   Neil Bush
Pocket Money
  15   Three on a Match
The Bushkins
  16   George Bush
Read My Lips
  17   Charles Keating
It's a Wonderful Life
  18   Ed Gray
A Modern Day Cassandra
  19   The Keating Five
Finger Puppets
  20   Lee Henkel Jr.
Lincoln Logroller
  21   Donald Regan
Merrill Lynched
  22   Tony Coelho / Jim Wright
Cleaning the World
  23   Frank Annunzio
  24   M. Danny Wall
  25   James M. Fail
No Money Down
  26   William Seidman
Bailout Broker
  27   Enter the CIA
Covert Banking
  28   Robert Corson
High Stakes Game
  29   Farhad Azima
Company Card
  30   Adnan Khashoggi
The Middleman
  31   Daniel Childs
  32   BCCI
The Money Machine
  33   BCCI Infiltrates the S&Ls
Junk Food
  34   BCCI and the CIA
Business Partners
  35   Alan Greenspan
The Fed
  36   The Future of Banking
New World Banking Order

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