2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition



  1   Troy Glaus SN25   Anaheim Angels
  2   John Lackey SN41   Anaheim Angels
  3   Garret Anderson SN16   Anaheim Angels
  4   Francisco Rodriguez SN57   Anaheim Angels
  5   Casey Kotchman SN35   Anaheim Angels
  6   Jose Guillen SN6   Anaheim Angels
  7   Miguel Tejada SN10   Baltimore Orioles
  8   Rafael Palmeiro SN25   Baltimore Orioles
  9   Jay Gibbons SN31   Baltimore Orioles
  10   Melvin Mora SN6   Baltimore Orioles
  11   Javy Lopez SN18   Baltimore Orioles
  12   Pedro Martinez SN45   Boston Red Sox
  13   Curt Schilling SN38   Boston Red Sox
  14   David Ortiz SN34   Boston Red Sox
  15   Manny Ramirez SN24   Boston Red Sox
  16   Nomar Garciaparra SN5   Chicago Cubs
  17   Magglio Ordonez SN30   Chicago White Sox
  18   Frank Thomas SN35   Chicago White Sox
  19   Esteban Loaiza SN38   New York Yankees
  20   Paul Konerko SN14   Chicago White Sox
  21   Mark Buehrle SN56   Chicago White Sox
  22   Jody Gerut SN9   Cleveland Indians
  23   Victor Martinez SN41   Cleveland Indians
  24   CC Sabathia SN52   Cleveland Indians
  25   Travis Hafner SN48   Cleveland Indians
  26   Cliff Lee SN34   Cleveland Indians
  27   Jeremy Bonderman SN38   Detroit Tigers
  28   Dallas McPherson SN23   Anaheim Angels
  29   Jermaine Dye SN24   Oakland Athletics
  30   Carlos Guillen SN9   Detroit Tigers
  31   Carlos Beltran SN15   Houston Astros
  32   Ken Harvey SN28   Kansas City Royals
  33   Mike Sweeney SN29   Kansas City Royals
  34   Angel Berroa SN4   Kansas City Royals
  35   Joe Nathan SN36   Minnesota Twins
  36   Johan Santana SN57   Minnesota Twins
  37   Jacque Jones SN11   Minnesota Twins
  38   Shannon Stewart SN23   Minnesota Twins
  39   Torii Hunter SN48   Minnesota Twins
  40   Derek Jeter SN2   New York Yankees
  41   Jason Giambi SN25   New York Yankees
  42   Danny Graves SN32   Cincinnati Reds
  43   Alfonso Soriano SN12   Texas Rangers
  44   Gary Sheffield SN11   New York Yankees
  45   Mike Mussina SN35   New York Yankees
  46   Jorge Posada SN20   New York Yankees
  47   Hideki Matsui SN55   New York Yankees
  48   Francisco Cordero SN31   Texas Rangers
  49   Javier Vazquez SN33   New York Yankees
  50   Mariano Rivera SN42   New York Yankees
  51   Eric Chavez SN3   Oakland Athletics
  52   Tim Hudson SN15   Oakland Athletics
  53   Mark Mulder SN20   Oakland Athletics
  54   Barry Zito SN75   Oakland Athletics
  55   Ichiro Suzuki SN51   Seattle Mariners
  56   Edgar Martinez SN11   Seattle Mariners
  57   Bret Boone SN29   Seattle Mariners
  58   Lew Ford SN20   Minnesota Twins
  59   B.J. Upton SN35   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  60   Aubrey Huff SN19   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  61   Rocco Baldelli SN5   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  62   Carl Crawford SN13   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  63   Delmon Young SN73   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  64   Mark Teixeira SN23   Texas Rangers
  65   Hank Blalock SN9   Texas Rangers
  66   Michael Young SN10   Texas Rangers
  67   Alex Rodriguez SN13   New York Yankees
  68   Carlos Delgado SN25   Toronto Blue Jays
  69   Milton Bradley SN21   Los Angeles Dodgers
  70   Roy Halladay SN32   Toronto Blue Jays
  71   Vernon Wells SN10   Toronto Blue Jays
  72   Randy Johnson SN51   Arizona Diamondbacks
  73   Bobby Crosby SN7   Oakland Athletics
  74   Lyle Overbay SN11   Milwaukee Brewers
  75   Luis Gonzalez SN20   Arizona Diamondbacks
  76   Steve Finley SN12   Los Angeles Dodgers
  77   Chipper Jones SN10   Atlanta Braves
  78   Andruw Jones SN25   Atlanta Braves
  79   Marcus Giles SN22   Atlanta Braves
  80   Rafael Furcal SN1   Atlanta Braves
  81   J.D. Drew SN7   Atlanta Braves
  82   Sammy Sosa SN21   Chicago Cubs
  83   Kerry Wood SN34   Chicago Cubs
  84   Mark Prior SN22   Chicago Cubs
  85   Derrek Lee SN25   Chicago Cubs
  86   Moises Alou SN18   Chicago Cubs
  87   Carlos Zambrano SN38   Chicago Cubs
  88   Ken Griffey Jr. SN30   Cincinnati Reds
  89   Austin Kearns SN28   Cincinnati Reds
  90   Adam Dunn SN44   Cincinnati Reds
  91   Barry Larkin SN11   Cincinnati Reds
  92   Todd Helton SN17   Colorado Rockies
  93   Larry Walker SN33   St. Louis Cardinals
  94   Preston Wilson SN44   Colorado Rockies
  95   Sean Casey SN21   Cincinnati Reds
  96   Luis Castillo SN1   Florida Marlins
  97   Josh Beckett SN21   Florida Marlins
  98   Mike Lowell SN19   Florida Marlins
  99   Miguel Cabrera SN24   Florida Marlins
  100   Brad Penny SN30   Los Angeles Dodgers


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