1922 W573 Strip Cards


  NNO   Babe Adams   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Eddie Ainsmith   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Vic Aldridge   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Grover Cleveland Alexander   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Jim Bagby Sr.   Cleveland Indians
  NNO   Frank Baker   New York Yankees
  NNO   Dave Bancroft   New York Giants
  NNO   Walter Barbare   Boston Braves
  NNO   Turner Barber   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Jesse Barnes   New York Giants
  NNO   Clyde Barnhart   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Johnny Bassler   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Bill Bayne   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Huck Betts   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Carson Bigbee   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Lu Blue   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Norm Boeckel   Boston Braves
  NNO   Sammy Bohne   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   George H. Burns   Boston Red Sox
  NNO   George J. Burns   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Joe Bush   New York Yankees
  NNO   Leon Cadore   Brooklyn Robins
  NNO   Marty Callaghan   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Frank Callaway   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Max Carey   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Ike Caveney   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Virgil Cheeves   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Verne Clemons   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Ty Cobb   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Bert Cole   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Eddie Collins   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Pat Collins   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Shano Collins   Boston Red Sox
  NNO   Wilbur Cooper   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Henry Courtney   Washington Senators
  NNO   Stan Coveleski   Cleveland Indians
  NNO   Elmer Cox   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Sam Crane   Brooklyn Robins
  NNO   Walt Cruise   Boston Braves
  NNO   Bill Cunningham   New York Giants
  NNO   George Cutshaw   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Dave Danforth   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Jake Daubert   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   George Dauss   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Dixie Davis   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Hank DeBerry   Brooklyn Robins
  NNO   Al DeVormer   New York Yankees
  NNO   Bill Doak   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Pete Donohue   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Phil Douglas   New York Giants
  NNO   Joe Dugan   Boston Red Sox
  NNO   Pat Duncan   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Jimmy Dykes   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Howard Ehmke   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Frank Ellerbe   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Red Faber   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Bibb Falk   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Dana Fillingim   Boston Braves
  NNO   Max Flack   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Ira Flagstead   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Art Fletcher   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Horace Ford   Boston Braves
  NNO   Jack Fournier   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Frank Frisch   New York Giants
  NNO   Ollie Fuhrman   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Chick Galloway   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Larry Gardner   Cleveland Indians
  NNO   Wally Gerber   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Patsy Gharrity   Washington Senators
  NNO   John Gillespie   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Whitey Glazner   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Johnny Gooch   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Goose Goslin   Washington Senators
  NNO   Hank Gowdy   Boston Braves
  NNO   Jack Graney   Cleveland Indians
  NNO   Tommy Griffith   Brooklyn Robins
  NNO   Heinie Groh   New York Giants
  NNO   Burleigh Grimes   Brooklyn Robins
  NNO   Ray Grimes   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Charlie Grimm   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Jesse Haines   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Earl Hamilton   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Bubbles Hargrave   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Bucky Harris   Washington Senators
  NNO   Joe Harris   Boston Red Sox
  NNO   Slim Harriss   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Gabby Hartnett   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Bob Hasty   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Joe Hauser   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Cliff Heathcote   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Harry Heilmann   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Butch Henline   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Clarence Hodge   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Walter Holke   Boston Braves
  NNO   Charles Hollocher   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Harry Hooper   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Rogers Hornsby   St. Louis Cardinals
  NNO   Waite Hoyt   New York Yankees
  NNO   Bill Hubbell   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Bernie Hungling   Brooklyn Robins


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