1991 Pro Set WLAF


  1   World League Logo  
  2   World League 1991  
  3   First Game   London Monarchs
  4   World Bowl Trophy  
  5   Jon Horton   London Monarchs
  6   Stan Gelbaugh   London Monarchs
  7   Dan Crossman   London Monarchs
  8   Marlon Brown   London Monarchs
  9   Judd Garrett   London Monarchs
  10   Barcelona Dragons   Barcelona Dragons
  11   Birmingham Fire   Birmingham Fire
  12   Frankfurt Galaxy   Frankfurt Galaxy
  13   London Monarchs   London Monarchs
  14   Montreal Machine   Montreal Machine
  15   NY-NJ Knights   NY NJ Knights
  16   Orlando Thunder   Orlando Thunder
  17   Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks   Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks
  18   Sacramento Surge   Sacramento Surge
  19   San Antonio Riders   San Antonio Riders
  20   Eric Wilkerson SL   NY NJ Knights
  21   Stan Gelbaugh SL   London Monarchs
  22   Judd Garrett SL   London Monarchs
  23   Tony Baker SL   Frankfurt Galaxy
  24   Byron Williams / Eric Wilkerson SL   Orlando Thunder / NY NJ Knights
  25   Chris Mohr SL   Montreal Machine
  26   Erroll Tucker SL   Orlando Thunder
  27   Carl Painter SL   Orlando Thunder
  28   Anthony Parker SL   NY NJ Knights
  29   Danny Lockett SL   London Monarchs
  30   Scott Adams   Barcelona Dragons
  31   Jim Bell   Barcelona Dragons
  32   Lydell Carr   Barcelona Dragons
  33   Bruce Clark   Barcelona Dragons
  34   Demetrius Davis   Barcelona Dragons
  35   Scott Erney   Barcelona Dragons
  36   Ron Goetz   Barcelona Dragons
  37   Xisco Marcos   Barcelona Dragons
  38   Paul Palmer   Barcelona Dragons
  39   Tony Rice   Barcelona Dragons
  40   Bobby Sign   Barcelona Dragons
  41   Gene Taylor   Barcelona Dragons
  42   Barry Voorhees   Barcelona Dragons
  43   Jack Bicknell CO   Barcelona Dragons
  44   Kenny Bell   Birmingham Fire
  45   Willie Bouyer   Birmingham Fire
  46   John Brantley   Birmingham Fire
  47   Elroy Harris   Birmingham Fire
  48   James Henry   Birmingham Fire
  49   John Holland   Birmingham Fire
  50   Arthur Hunter   Birmingham Fire
  51   Eric Jones   Birmingham Fire
  52   Kirk Maggio   Birmingham Fire
  53   Paul McGowan   Birmingham Fire
  54   John Miller UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Milller" on front
  Birmingham Fire
  55   Maurice Oliver   Birmingham Fire
  56   Darrell Phillips   Birmingham Fire
  57   Chan Gailey CO   Birmingham Fire
  58   Tony Baker   Frankfurt Galaxy
  59   Tim Broady   Frankfurt Galaxy
  60   Garry Frank   Frankfurt Galaxy
  61   Jason Johnson   Frankfurt Galaxy
  62   Stefan Maslo   Frankfurt Galaxy
  63   Mark Mraz   Frankfurt Galaxy
  64   Yepi Pau'u   Frankfurt Galaxy
  65   Mike Perez   Frankfurt Galaxy
  66   Mike Teeter   Frankfurt Galaxy
  67   Chris Williams   Frankfurt Galaxy
  68   Jack Elway CO   Frankfurt Galaxy
  69   Theo Adams   London Monarchs
  70   Jeff Alexander   London Monarchs
  71   Philip Alexander   London Monarchs
  72   Paul Berardelli   London Monarchs
  73   Dana Brinson   London Monarchs
  74   Marlon Brown   London Monarchs
  75   Dedrick Dodge   London Monarchs
  76   Victor Ebubedike   London Monarchs
  77   Corris Ervin   London Monarchs
  78   Steve Gabbard   London Monarchs
  79   Judd Garrett   London Monarchs
  80   Stan Gelbaugh   London Monarchs
  81   Roy Hart   London Monarchs
  82   Jon Horton   London Monarchs
  83   Danny Lockett   London Monarchs
  84   Doug Marrone   London Monarchs
  85   Ken Sale   London Monarchs
  86   Larry Kennan CO   London Monarchs
  87   Mike Cadore   Montreal Machine
  88   K.D. Dunn   Montreal Machine
  89   Ricky Johnson   Montreal Machine
  90   Chris Mohr   Montreal Machine
  91   Bjorn Nittmo   Montreal Machine
  92   Michael Proctor   Montreal Machine
  93   Richard Shelton   Montreal Machine
  94   Tracy Simien   Montreal Machine
  95   Jacques Dussault CO   Montreal Machine
  96   Cornell Burbage   NY NJ Knights
  97   Joe Campbell   NY NJ Knights
  98   Monty Gilbreath   NY NJ Knights
  99   Jeff Graham   NY NJ Knights
  100   Kip Lewis   NY NJ Knights


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