1996 Futera NBL


  1   Mark Davis   Adelaide 36ers
  2   Brett Maher   Adelaide 36ers
  3   Chris Blakemore   Adelaide 36ers
  4   Scott Ninnis   Adelaide 36ers
  5   Robert Rose   Adelaide 36ers
  6   Mike McKay   Adelaide 36ers
  7   Leroy Loggins   Brisbane Bullets
  8   Mike Mitchell   Brisbane Bullets
  9   Robert Sibley   Brisbane Bullets
  10   Andrew Goodwin   Brisbane Bullets
  11   Shane Heal   Brisbane Bullets
  12   John Rillie   Brisbane Bullets
  13   Ray Borner   Canberra Cannons
  14   Jamie Pearlman   Canberra Cannons
  15   David Close   Canberra Cannons
  16   Simon Dwight   Canberra Cannons
  17   Lachlan Armfield   Canberra Cannons
  18   Jervaughn Scales   Canberra Cannons
  19   Andrew Svaldenis   Geelong Supercats
  20   Cecil Exum   Geelong Supercats
  21   Joey Wright   Geelong Supercats
  22   Simon Kerle   Geelong Supercats
  23   Greg Smith   Geelong Supercats
  24   Justin Cass   Geelong Supercats
  25   Trevor Torrance   Gold Coast Rollers
  26   John Szigeti   Gold Coast Rollers
  27   Peter Harvey   Gold Coast Rollers
  28   Doug Peacock   Gold Coast Rollers
  29   Tony De Ambrosis   Gold Coast Rollers
  30   Steve Woodberry   Gold Coast Rollers
  31   Darren Smith   Hobart Devils
  32   Mark Nash   Hobart Devils
  33   Darren Perry   Hobart Devils
  34   David Stiff   Hobart Devils
  35   Andre Moore   Hobart Devils
  36   Jerome Scott   Hobart Devils
  37   Chuck Harmison   Illawarra Hawks
  38   Terry Johnson   Illawarra Hawks
  39   Dene MacDonald   Illawarra Hawks
  40   Melvin Thomas   Illawarra Hawks
  41   Andre LaFleur   Illawarra Hawks
  42   Marc Brandon   Illawarra Hawks
  43   Andrew Gaze   Melbourne Tigers
  44   Mark Bradtke   Melbourne Tigers
  45   Lanard Copeland   Melbourne Tigers
  46   Blair Smith   Melbourne Tigers
  47   David Simmons   Melbourne Tigers
  48   Steven Whitehead   Melbourne Tigers
  49   Butch Hays   Newcastle Falcons
  50   Michael Johnson   Newcastle Falcons
  51   Tonny Jensen   Newcastle Falcons
  52   Grant Kruger   Newcastle Falcons
  53   Martin McClean   Newcastle Falcons
  54   Matthew Alexander   Newcastle Falcons
  55   Darryl McDonald   North Melbourne Giants
  56   Paul Rees   North Melbourne Giants
  57   Larry Sengstock   North Melbourne Giants
  58   Paul Maley   North Melbourne Giants
  59   Pat Reidy   North Melbourne Giants
  60   Rod Johnson   North Melbourne Giants
  61   Andrew Vlahov   Perth Wildcats
  62   Aaron Trahair   Perth Wildcats
  63   Anthony Stewart   Perth Wildcats
  64   Ricky Grace   Perth Wildcats
  65   Scott Fisher   Perth Wildcats
  66   James Crawford   Perth Wildcats
  67   John Dorge   South East Melbourne Magic
  68   Darren Lucas   South East Melbourne Magic
  69   Tony Ronaldson   South East Melbourne Magic
  70   Chris Anstey   South East Melbourne Magic
  71   Andrew Parkinson   South East Melbourne Magic
  72   Sam MacKinnon   South East Melbourne Magic
  73   Bruce Bolden   Sydney Kings
  74   Leon Trimmingham   Sydney Kings
  75   Justin Withers   Sydney Kings
  76   Brad Williams   Sydney Kings
  77   Greg Hubbard   Sydney Kings
  78   Mark Dalton   Sydney Kings
  79   Derek Rucker   Townsville Suns
  80   Clarence Tyson   Townsville Suns
  81   Shane Froling   Townsville Suns
  82   Cameron Dickinson   Townsville Suns
  83   David Blades   Townsville Suns
  84   Jason Cameron   Townsville Suns
  85   Michele Timms   Sydney Flames
  86   Allison Cook   Melbourne Tigers
  87   Trisha Fallon   Sydney Flames
  88   Sandy Brondello   Brisbane Blazers
  89   Shelley Gorman   Sydney Flames
  90   Andrew Gaze MVP   Melbourne Tigers
  91   John Rillie ROY   Adelaide 36ers
  92   Darren Lucas   South East Melbourne Magic
  93   Reggie Smith   Newcastle Falcons
  94   Tonny Jensen   North Melbourne Giants
  95   Darryl McDonald   North Melbourne Giants
  96   Andrew Gaze   Melbourne Tigers
  97   Alan Black / Tom Wisman   Illawarra Hawks/Newcastle Falcons
  98   Championship Team/Perth Wildcats   Perth Wildcats
  99   Checklist 1 CL  
  100   Checklist 2 CL  

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