1961 Fleer Wallet Pictures

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Issued in the 1961-62 issue of Complete Sports Pro-Football Illustrated magazine.

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1961 Fleer Wallet Pictures


  NNO   Tommy Addison   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Jim Colclough   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Walt Cudzik   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Bob Dee   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Harry Jacobs   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Charley Leo   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Billy Lott   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Ross O'Hanley   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Tony Sardisco UER
UER: Last name is misspelled "Sandisco" on the back
  Boston Patriots
  NNO   Ed Songin   Boston Patriots
  NNO   Bill Atkins   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Phil Blazer   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Wray Carlton   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Monte Crockett   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Elbert Dubenion   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Willmer Fowler   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Gene Grabosky   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Richie Lucas   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Archie Matsos   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Rich McCabe   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Dan McGrew UER
UER: Reversed Image
  Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Tom Rychlec UER
Reversed Image
  Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Laverne Torczon   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Mack Yoho   Buffalo Bills
  NNO   Mel Branch   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Chris Burford UER
Reversed Image
  Dallas Texans
  NNO   Cotton Davidson   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Randy Duncan   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Jimmy Harris   Dallas Texans
  NNO   E.J. Holub   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Bill Krisher   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Paul Miller   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Johnny Robinson   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Jack Spikes   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Marvin Terrell   Dallas Texans
  NNO   Ken Adamson   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Al Carmichael   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Eldon Danenhauer   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Austin Gonsoulin UER
Photo is actually Darryl Rogers
  Denver Broncos
  NNO   Gordy Holz   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Carl Larpenter   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Bud McFadin   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Bob McNamara   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Dave Rolle   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Willie Smith   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Lionel Taylor   Denver Broncos
  NNO   Frank Tripucka UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Tripuka" on back
  Denver Broncos
  NNO   Joe Young   Denver Broncos
  NNO   George Blanda   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Doug Cline   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Don Floyd   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Bobby Gordon   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Bill Groman   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Al Jamison   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Jacky Lee   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Rich Michael   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Dennit Morris   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Jim Norton   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Dave Smith   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Bob White   Houston Oilers
  NNO   Dewey Bohling   New York Titans
  NNO   Pete Hart   New York Titans
  NNO   Mike Hudock   New York Titans
  NNO   Bob Mischak   New York Titans
  NNO   Sid Youngelman UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Youngleman" on back
  New York Titans
  NNO   Gerald Burch   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Dick Christy   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Bob Coolbaugh   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Wayne Crow   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Don Deskins   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Tom Flores   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Alan Goldstein   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Jack Larscheid   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Don Manoukian UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Manoukin" on the back
  Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Alan Miller UER
UER: Last name is misspelled "Millis" on the back
  Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Jim Otto   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Charley Powell   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Gene Prebola   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Jim Smith   Oakland Raiders
  NNO   Howard Clark   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Fred Cole   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Charlie Flowers   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Dick Harris   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Jack Kemp   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Paul Lowe   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Ron Mix   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Don Norton   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Volney Peters   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Jim Sears   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Ernie Wright   San Diego Chargers
  NNO   Alan Ameche   Baltimore Colts
  NNO   Raymond Berry   Baltimore Colts
  NNO   Lenny Moore   Baltimore Colts
  NNO   Jim Mutscheller   Baltimore Colts
  NNO   Ed Brown   Chicago Bears
  NNO   Rick Casares   Chicago Bears
  NNO   J.C. Caroline   Chicago Bears
  NNO   Willie Galimore   Chicago Bears
  NNO   Harlon Hill UER
UER: First name is misspelled "Horton" on the back
  Chicago Bears
  NNO   Bobby Mitchell   Cleveland Browns


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