1999 Pacific



  1   Garret Anderson   Anaheim Angels
  2   Jason Dickson   Anaheim Angels
  3   Gary DiSarcina   Anaheim Angels
  4   Jim Edmonds   Anaheim Angels
  5   Darin Erstad   Anaheim Angels
  6   Chuck Finley   Anaheim Angels
  7   Shigetoshi Hasegawa   Anaheim Angels
  8   Ken Hill   Anaheim Angels
  9   Dave Hollins   Anaheim Angels
  10   Phil Nevin   Anaheim Angels
  11   Troy Percival   Anaheim Angels
  12   Tim Salmon   Anaheim Angels
  12b   Tim Salmon VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Anaheim Angels
  13   Brian Anderson   Arizona Diamondbacks
  14   Tony Batista   Arizona Diamondbacks
  15   Jay Bell   Arizona Diamondbacks
  16   Andy Benes   Arizona Diamondbacks
  17   Yamil Benitez   Arizona Diamondbacks
  18   Omar Daal   Arizona Diamondbacks
  19   David Dellucci   Arizona Diamondbacks
  20   Karim Garcia   Arizona Diamondbacks
  21   Bernard Gilkey   Arizona Diamondbacks
  22   Travis Lee   Arizona Diamondbacks
  22b   Travis Lee VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Arizona Diamondbacks
  23   Aaron Small   Arizona Diamondbacks
  24   Kelly Stinnett   Arizona Diamondbacks
  25   Devon White   Arizona Diamondbacks
  26   Matt Williams   Arizona Diamondbacks
  27   Bruce Chen   Atlanta Braves
  27b   Bruce Chen VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Atlanta Braves
  28   Andres Galarraga   Atlanta Braves
  28a   Andres Galarraga VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Atlanta Braves
  29   Tom Glavine   Atlanta Braves
  30   Ozzie Guillen   Atlanta Braves
  31   Andruw Jones   Atlanta Braves
  32   Chipper Jones   Atlanta Braves
  32a   Chipper Jones VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Atlanta Braves
  33   Ryan Klesko   Atlanta Braves
  34   George Lombard   Atlanta Braves
  35   Javy Lopez   Atlanta Braves
  36   Greg Maddux   Atlanta Braves
  36a   Greg Maddux VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Atlanta Braves
  37   Marty Malloy   Atlanta Braves
  37a   Marty Malloy VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Atlanta Braves
  38   Dennis Martinez   Atlanta Braves
  39   Kevin Millwood   Atlanta Braves
  40   Alex Rodriguez   Seattle Mariners
  40a   Alex Rodriguez VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Seattle Mariners
  41   Denny Neagle   Atlanta Braves
  42   John Smoltz   Atlanta Braves
  43   Michael Tucker   Atlanta Braves
  44   Walt Weiss   Atlanta Braves
  45   Roberto Alomar   Baltimore Orioles
  45a   Roberto Alomar VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Baltimore Orioles
  46   Brady Anderson   Baltimore Orioles
  47   Harold Baines   Baltimore Orioles
  48   Mike Bordick   Baltimore Orioles
  49   Danny Clyburn   Baltimore Orioles
  49a   Danny Clyburn VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Baltimore Orioles
  50   Eric Davis   Baltimore Orioles
  51   Scott Erickson   Baltimore Orioles
  52   Chris Hoiles   Baltimore Orioles
  53   Jimmy Key   Baltimore Orioles
  54   Ryan Minor   Baltimore Orioles
  54a   Ryan Minor VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Baltimore Orioles
  55   Mike Mussina   Baltimore Orioles
  56   Jesse Orosco   Baltimore Orioles
  57   Rafael Palmeiro   Baltimore Orioles
  57a   Rafael Palmeiro VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Baltimore Orioles
  58   Sidney Ponson   Baltimore Orioles
  59   Arthur Rhodes   Baltimore Orioles
  60   Cal Ripken Jr.   Baltimore Orioles
  60a   Cal Ripken Jr. VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Baltimore Orioles
  61   B.J. Surhoff   Baltimore Orioles
  62   Steve Avery   Boston Red Sox
  63   Darren Bragg   Boston Red Sox
  64   Dennis Eckersley   Boston Red Sox
  65   Nomar Garciaparra   Boston Red Sox
  65a   Nomar Garciaparra VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Boston Red Sox
  66   Sammy Sosa   Chicago Cubs
  66a   Sammy Sosa VAR
VAR: Headshot
  Chicago Cubs
  67   Tom Gordon   Boston Red Sox
  68   Reggie Jefferson   Boston Red Sox
  69   Darren Lewis   Boston Red Sox
  70   Mark McGwire   St. Louis Cardinals
  70a   Mark McGwire VAR
VAR: Headshot
  St. Louis Cardinals
  71   Pedro Martinez   Boston Red Sox
  72   Troy O'Leary   Boston Red Sox
  73   Bret Saberhagen   Boston Red Sox
  74   Mike Stanley   Boston Red Sox
  75   John Valentin   Boston Red Sox
  76   Jason Varitek   Boston Red Sox
  77   Mo Vaughn   Boston Red Sox
  78   Tim Wakefield   Boston Red Sox
  79   Manny Alexander   Chicago Cubs
  80   Rod Beck   Chicago Cubs
  81   Brant Brown   Chicago Cubs
  82   Mark Clark   Chicago Cubs
  83   Gary Gaetti   Chicago Cubs
  84   Mark Grace   Chicago Cubs


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