1983 JOGO CFL Limited


  NNO   Steve Ackroyd   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Nick Arakgi   Montreal Concordes
  NNO   Keith Baker   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Ricky Barden   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Joe Barnes   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Danny Bass   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Nick Bastaja   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Paul Bennett   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   John Bonk   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Dieter Brock   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Bob Bronk   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Aaron Brown   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Bob Cameron   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Jan Carinci   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Roger Cattelan   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Tom Clements   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Mike Collymore   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Charles Cornelius   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Larry Crawford   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Tyrone Crews   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Ray Crouse   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   James Curry   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Gerry Dattilio   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Chris DeFrance   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  NNO   Brian DeRoo   Montreal Concordes
  NNO   Roy Dewalt   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Rocky DiPietro   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Dwight Edwards   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  NNO   Gord Elser   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Dave Fennell   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Denny Ferdinand   Montreal Concordes
  NNO   Mervyn Fernandez   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Dan Ferrone   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Howard Fields   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Mariet Ford   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Tom Forzani   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Jim Germany   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Vince Goldsmith   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  NNO   Tyron Gray   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Sammy Greene   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Terry Greer   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Mike Hameluck   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   William Hampton   Montreal Concordes
  NNO   Steve Harrison   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Larry Highbaugh   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Joe Hollimon   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Condredge Holloway   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Greg Holmes   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Tim Hook   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Rick House   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   John Hufnagel   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Hank Ilesic   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Glen Jackson   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Ron Johnson   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Homer Jordan   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  NNO   Sean Kehoe   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Dan Kepley   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Glenn Leonhard   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Mike Levenseller   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Neil Lumsden   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   John Malinosky   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Greg Marshall   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Nelson Martin   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Mike McTague   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Ken Miller   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Cedric Minter   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Don Moen   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Rick Mohr   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Darrell Moir
Set number on back
  Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Darrell Moir
No set number on back
  Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Warren Moon   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Bernie Morrison   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   James Murphy   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Dave Newman   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Darrell Nicholson   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Tony Norman   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Joe Paopao   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   James Parker   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Lui Passaglia   British Columbia Lions
  NNO   Paul Pearson   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Rudy Phillips   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Joe Poplawski   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Dale Potter   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   John Priestner   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Willard Reaves   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Jim Reid   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Junior Robinson   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Angelo Santucci   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Mark Seale   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Johnny Shepherd   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  NNO   Rick Sowieta   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Kevin Starkey   Montreal Concordes
  NNO   Pat Stoqua   Ottawa Rough Riders
  NNO   Matthew Teague   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Bobby Thompson   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  NNO   Darrel Toussaint   Calgary Stampeders
  NNO   Tom Towns   Edmonton Eskimos
  NNO   Geoff Townsend   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Tom Trifaux   Toronto Argonauts
  NNO   Tom Tuinei   Edmonton Eskimos


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