1950 Big League Stars (V362)


  1   Rocky Bridges   Montreal Royals
  2   Chuck Connors   Montreal Royals
  3   Jake Wade   Buffalo Bisons
  4   Al Cihocki   Baltimore Orioles
  5   John Simmons   Montreal Royals
  6   Frank Trechock   Buffalo Bisons
  7   Steve Lembo   Montreal Royals
  8   Johnny Welaj   Toronto Maple Leafs
  9   Seymour Block   Buffalo Bisons
  10   Pat McGlothin   Montreal Royals
  11   Bryan Stephens   Baltimore Orioles
  12   Bud Podbielan   Montreal Royals
  13   Clem Hausmann   Buffalo Bisons
  14   Turk Lown   Montreal Royals
  15   Joe Payne   Baltimore Orioles
  16   Coaker Triplett   Buffalo Bisons
  17   Nick Strincevich   Toronto Maple Leafs
  18   Charlie Thompson   Montreal Royals
  19   Ernie Silverman
A.K.A. Ernie Sills
  Buffalo Bisons
  20   George Schmees   Montreal Royals
  21   George Binks   Baltimore Orioles
  22   Gino Cimoli   Montreal Royals
  23   Marty Tabacheck   Buffalo Bisons
  24   Al Gionfriddo   Montreal Royals
  25   Ronnie Lee   Montreal Royals
  26   Clyde King   Montreal Royals
  27   Harry Heslet   Toronto Maple Leafs
  28   Jerry Scala UER
UER: Actually born September 27, 1924
  Buffalo Bisons
  29   Boris Woyt   Baltimore Orioles
  30   Jack Collum   Rochester Red Wings
  31   Chet Laabs   Toronto Maple Leafs
  32   Carden Gillenwater   Syracuse Chiefs
  33   Irving Medlinger   Baltimore Orioles
  34   Toby Atwell   Montreal Royals
  35   Charlie Marshall   Rochester Red Wings
  36   Johnny Mayo   Toronto Maple Leafs
  37   Gene Markland   Buffalo Bisons
  38   Russ Kerns   Baltimore Orioles
  39   Jim Prendergast   Syracuse Chiefs
  40   Lou Welaj   Montreal Royals
  41   Clyde Kluttz   Baltimore Orioles
  42   Bill Glynn   Toronto Maple Leafs
  43   Don Richmond   Rochester Red Wings
  44   Hank Biasatti   Buffalo Bisons
  45   Tom Lasorda   Montreal Royals
  46   Skippy Roberge   Toronto Maple Leafs
  47   George Byam   Baltimore Orioles
  48   Dutch Mele   Syracuse Chiefs

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