1981 Topps - Team Checklists

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Full sheet distributed via wrapper redemption offer. Printed on a thinner, whiter stock than the packed-out cards, and the sheet was designed to be cut into individual cards.

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1981 Topps

Team Checklists


  661   Baltimore Orioles / Earl Weaver TC, MGR, CL, UER
UER: Blue on hat, should be black
  Baltimore Orioles
  662   Boston Red Sox / Ralph Houk TC, MGR, CL   Boston Red Sox
  663   California Angels / Jim Fregosi TC, MGR, CL   California Angels
  664   Chicago White Sox / Tony LaRussa TC, MGR, CL   Chicago White Sox
  665   Cleveland Indians / Dave Garcia TC, MGR, CL   Cleveland Indians
  666   Detroit Tigers / Sparky Anderson TC, MGR, CL   Detroit Tigers
  667   Kansas City Royals / Jim Frey TC, MGR, CL   Kansas City Royals
  668   Milwaukee Brewers / Bob Rodgers TC, MGR, CL   Milwaukee Brewers
  669   Minnesota Twins / John Goryl TC, MGR, CL   Minnesota Twins
  670   New York Yankees / Gene Michael TC, MGR, CL   New York Yankees
  671   Oakland A's / Billy Martin TC, MGR, CL   Oakland Athletics
  672   Seattle Mariners / Maury Wills TC, MGR, CL   Seattle Mariners
  673   Texas Rangers / Don Zimmer TC, MGR, CL   Texas Rangers
  674   Toronto Blue Jays / Bobby Mattick TC, MGR, CL   Toronto Blue Jays
  675   Atlanta Braves / Bobby Cox TC, MGR, CL   Atlanta Braves
  676   Chicago Cubs / Joe Amalfitano TC, MGR, CL   Chicago Cubs
  677   Cincinnati Reds / John McNamara TC, MGR, CL   Cincinnati Reds
  678   Houston Astros / Bill Virdon TC, MGR, CL   Houston Astros
  679   Los Angeles Dodgers / Tom Lasorda TC, MGR, CL   Los Angeles Dodgers
  680   Montreal Expos / Dick Williams TC, MGR, CL   Montreal Expos
  681   New York Mets / Joe Torre TC, MGR, CL   New York Mets
  682   Philadelphia Phillies / Dallas Green TC, MGR, CL   Philadelphia Phillies
  683   Pittsburgh Pirates / Chuck Tanner TC, MGR, CL   Pittsburgh Pirates
  684   St. Louis Cardinals / Whitey Herzog TC, MGR, CL   St. Louis Cardinals
  685   San Diego Padres / Frank Howard TC, MGR, CL   San Diego Padres
  686   San Francisco Giants / Dave Bristol TC, MGR, CL   San Francisco Giants
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