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Random Card of the Day

Friday, August 14, 2020

Set: 1987 Topps Stickers

Card: #94 / 257 Candy Maldonado / Dan Quisenberry

“ Can't go wrong with SHOULD BE Hall of Famer Dan Quisenberry. ” -jupiterhill

“ Stickers are always great when you're a kid. ” -NJDevils

“ The candyman and the quiz.... Great card. ” -parsley24

“ I wish it had names somewhere on the front of the card, but I do tend to like the Topps Stickers cards in baseball and in basketball. ” -BasketbalHQ

“ One of the greatest names and one of the greatest mustaches on one sticker... nice ” -Brimose

“ I like Topps stickers for the most part. I like the design. Wish the players names were somewhere on the front. The only real complaint I have about Topps Sticker sets is trying to track your collection. The checklists are crazy. Trying to figure out how to organize them in the collection, If collecting by player which player to give priority to if you like both players. Oh and if the "back" has a 3rd player as some of the sets did, what do you do then? ” -captkirk42

“ Once again, I do believe a mint sticker from the 80's should be worth more. I peeled and stuck mine everywhere. I don't think back then we appreciated the sticker game. ” -CardFlipper1974

“ I don`t really like 80s sticker cards. I don`t really collect baseball so I naturally don`t know who these people are. ” -dollar guy

“ I never encountered these stickers before I joined the Database...after seeing all the confusion and the copious amounts of IRs they've spawned, I'm quite happy they were not done in my sports. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I wish I knew who these guys actually were. The stickers are nice but these are before my time so i am clueless without the names on here. ” -clauzon

“ I used to get the sticker books every year. Seems like the packs were only a dime. Good times. ” -switzr1

“ The "quiz" should come before the "Candy". ” -bpaul14

“ I loved these when I was younger. Haven't gotten back into them as I got back into the hobby recently. ” -muskie027


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